Q: Why should I carry Oxygenetix?

A: Oxygenetix is the only oxygen treatment, air permeable make-up on the market. It will make your patients look great while they are recovering. It promotes healing & keeps skin looking young and beautiful.

Q: Can people with sensitive skin use Oxygenetix?

A: Oxygenetix is safe for every skin type; including post procedural and sensitive skin. It soothes and promotes healing of skin and doesn't irritate or cause break-outs.

Q: Has Oxygenetix been tested?

A: Yes, Oxygenetix has been tested extensively by physicians and their patients. Because we are a cruelty free company we never test on animals and our products are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by the Peta organization.

Q: What is Ceravitae? What does it do?

A: Ceravitae does the "heavy lifting when it comes to proliferating young, fresh and plump skin cells, by delivering high amounts of oxygen. This aerobic effect helps to make those vital productive cells work harder.

Q: What procedures can Oxygenetix be used after?

A: Oxygenetix can be used after: CO2 Laser - Rhinoplasty - Laser Hair Removal -Acne/Rosacea Treatments - Facial Surgery Bruising - Scar Revision - Skin Resurfacing - Injectables - Eye Surgery - Dermabrasion - Chemical Peels.

Q: Can Oxygenetix be used as an everyday make-up?

A: Yes, Oxygenetix was formulated for post-operative healing and full, undetectable coverage, continued use promotes youthful, healthy skin through oxygen driven cellular turnover in a breathable, second skin formula.