DR RANDAL HAWORTH is world renowned as a leader, innovator and expert surgeon in the field of plastic surgery. Whether it be facial rejuvena-tion, rhinoplasty or breast enhancement he instills into every operation the same focused passion, artistic eye and touch.
Though highly accomplished in all as-pects of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Haworth's specialties lie in FACIAL SURGERY (facelifts, eyelid rejuvenation, etc.), RHI-NOPLASTY (both primary and revision rhinoplasty) and BREAST AUGMENTATION.
Indeed, his expertise in facial surgery, including his reputation as a unique rhinoplasty specialist, attracted the attention of the producers of Fox's hit tele-vision show THE SWAN. Consequently, they promptly offered him the lauded spot of being one of the two plastic surgeons on the Fox program for two whole seasons.
Dr. Haworth's practice is limited to the art of aesthetic plastic surgery as well as various cancer reconstruction. It is part of the prestigious THE HAWORTH IN-STITUTE, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.