Why Athletes and Fitness Gurus Love Oxygenetix

Why Athletes and Fitness Gurus Love Oxygenetix

Did you think wearing makeup to your exercise class was a no go? Are you wary of heavy formulations clogging your pores, or makeup dripping as you get your cardio on? Well, we are here to tell you there is no longer an excuse to put off that mid-day pilates class. Oxygenetix Foundations use a breathable mesh network to promote oxygen uptake so you can wear it while exercising with no fear of harming your skin. 

Oxygenetix Foundations are loved by athletes worldwide for several reasons. The lightweight formula allows the skin to breathe, providing flawless coverage that won't clog the pores. Oxygenetix Foundations are sweat and water-resistant, staying put while athletes put their bodies to work. Additionally, Oxygenetix Foundations provide a physical SPF 30 to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays during midday hikes or laps at the pool.

Athletes Who Love Oxygenetix

Pamela Price is a competitive OCR athlete and former competitor on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. She recently put Oxygenetix to the test, wearing the foundation during a 10K trail race at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. 

"I applied the foundation at 5:00AM, raced at 8:00AM, crossed the finish line finishing First Place female (beating my 10k record, 1:01:19) just over an hour later and my skin looked crystal clear and fully covered long after I got my medal! Dust, sun, etc.... it didn't matter with the foundation's SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection."

"100%, I will be crossing every finish line with Oxygenetix!"

Oxygenetix water-resistant formulations are loved by swimmers including Spanish Olympic, world, and European champion swimmer Mireia Belmonte. She is the first female Olympic champion in the history of Spanish swimming and is widely considered to be the greatest Spanish swimmer of all time. 

Makeup Artists Love it Too

Oxygenetix Foundation is the go-to foundation for many world-renowned makeup artists including UK makeup artist Julia Edwards who used Oxygenetix in a fitness video shoot for  Reebok x MTV UK x DW Fitness First in 2019. 

"Makeup by me for Danielle Peazer, @windytsoiii & Aleta Thompson using Oxygenetix (which worked wonders for sweat control through hoursss of the girls working out) Hair by @_cavena” 

Whether you're a seasoned gymgoer or just getting started, Oxygenetix Foundations will stay put through your most intense workouts. You'll look stunning from start to the finish line.


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