The Aloe Based Concealer Your Skin is Craving

The Aloe Based Concealer Your Skin is Craving

Concealer is supposed to do exactly what it sounds like . . . conceal. But how well it conceals and how long it lasts vary depending on the formulation. Another thing that can vary between concealers is the amount of skincare benefits received or alternatively, how much skin damage that occurs from repeated use. Oxygenetix kept the health of your skin in mind when formulating our new Oxygenating Concealer. Aloe based, breathable, and full of nutrients, Oxygenating Concealer stands above the rest.

Like anything we put on our skin, we want it to enhance our beauty, feel good, and most importantly, do good. Oxygenetix new Oxygenating Concealer is a revolution as a concealer that conceals anything while also being incredibly good for your skin.

When Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation stepped onto the marketplace, there weren't many other foundations that could tout the skincare benefits and longevity that truly set it apart from other foundations. Now days, many brands have followed suit and for good reason! When we created our Oxygenating Concealer, we knew it had to live up to our name. Using a similar formulation as Oxygenating Foundation, Oxygenating Concealer is already a hot commodity, selling out within days after launching. This does nothing more than speak to it's incredible formula.

All Oxygenetix products are aloe vera barbadensis based. This is one of the most unique factors of the brand, since aloe vera is difficult to work with. As the first ingredient in Oxygenating Concealer, aloe vera protects the skin and soothes inflammation. Since many people use Oxygenetix for their sensitive or acne-prone skin, having aloe as the base gives them comfort knowing their skin won't have an adverse reaction to it. There's nothing worse than realizing your makeup is making your skin condition worsen as you wear it! 

Oxygenetix formulators spent time not only formulating a concealer that would be good for your skin, but also would stay put and conceal just about anything. Formulated with high density pigments, Oxygenating Concealer covers dark pigmentation, bruising, acne spots, and more easily with one pass. It doesn't crease or budge, staying in place until taken off! You can even swim wearing it for 90 minutes without worry.

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