Yes, You Can Wear Makeup to The Gym

Yes, You Can Wear Makeup to The Gym

Contrary to popular belief, you can indeed wear makeup while working out. 

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and Acne Control Foundation are gym tested and athlete approved. Keep reading to find out why.

When choosing what makeup to apply before heading out the door to exercise, consider the following:

Allow Your Skin to Breathe

Always look for makeup that is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores. Occlusive foundations and powders block your pores, suffocating your skin.

Imagine what would happen if you wrapped your face in plastic wrap. Your skin would gasp for air, your pores would get bigger, and bacteria would have a hay day. This is what occurs when the makeup you put on isn't breathable.

Oxygenetix pioneered breathable formulations that outperform all other brands with proven results. Safe for extremely sensitive skin, Oxygenating Foundation promotes healing with skincare ingredients that are designed to be used after cosmetic treatments. Even during your most intense workout, Oxygenetix Foundation will be working hard to protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Avoid Powders 

Powdered makeup blocks pores more than other substances. It can get into the creases of your fine lines and wrinkles, accentuating unfavorable aspects of your skin. As you sweat from a good workout, powder will create an unmistakably cakey look and has the potential to drip. 

Avoid powder altogether and choose formulations that stay put instead. Oxygenetix Foundations are sweat proof and transfer resistant, staying on even through a 90 minute swim.

Gym makeup

Keep It Light

Layering tons of makeup before breaking a sweat is recipe for disaster. No need to overdo it. You can keep your skin looking fresh and naturally flawless when you exercise with Oxygenetix.

Oxygenetix Foundations are loved for their ability to look completely natural. Apply with a damp sponge for light sheer coverage that evens skin tone. If you want more coverage, you can use clean fingertips or a foundation brush. Use a tapping motion on areas you want to conceal the most. 

Be Careful with Eye Makeup

Eye makeup has the risk of getting in your eyes or smearing on your face as you sweat. Choose waterproof mascara that is made for humidity, and waterproof liner if you want a little definition.

It's a Home Run with Oxygenetix

Whether you just want to cover up your blemish spots, or you want a full face, you can safely apply either Oxygenating Foundation of Acne Control Foundation before going to the gym. Not only will they allow your skin to breathe and stay put throughout your workout, they provide skincare benefits to boot!

Oxygenetix Foundations promote healing and cellular growth while you wear them. While you're working hard for a healthy body, Oxygenetix Foundation is busy promoting cellular turnover for healthy, younger looking skin.

Include Oxygenetix in your next gym ready routine as the workout buddy that never lets you down.


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