Ceravitae® - The Oxygenetix Hero Ingredient

Ceravitae® - The Oxygenetix Hero Ingredient

Oxygenetix offers medical-grade camouflage and pro-healing topicals that can be applied immediately following most aesthetic procedures. So what makes Oxygenetix so ideal for healing? The secret lies within the Oxygenetix hero ingredient, Ceravitae®. 

The History

Barry Knapp, co-founder, and formulator of Oxygenetix built on the research of renowned American Inventor George Sperti who explored the cell proliferation-stimulating qualities of a live yeast cell derivative (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Oxygenetix formulators combined this biochemistry with strong background knowledge in makeup formulations to create unique medical grade topicals.

Yeast cells are similar in structure to human cells. They stimulate oxygen consumption in human tissue, combat irritation, and act as a stimulant on other active ingredients. Knapp combined an isolated LYCD compound, which he branded Cera-V, with other pro-healing and hydrating ingredients to form a breathable foundation. He added anti-inflammatory aloe vera Barbadensis, silicone for scar healing, nine hyalurons and PCA for moisture retention, and a physical SPF 30 for UVA and UVB protection. 

How Does Ceravitae® Work?

Ceravitae® is the Oxygenetix patented hero ingredient, a potent derivative from Saccharomyces Lysate, a yeast compound with pro-healing properties. Ceravitae® promotes oxygen uptake to skin cells which in turn accelerates tissue growth. 

Oxygenetix Chief Chemist Dr. Schep explains, “Just as our lungs require oxygen to breathe, it is essential our skin cells get oxygen and Ceravitae® stimulates the uptake process.”

Skin cells are stimulated to increase their oxygen uptake and make more of the skin proteins collagen and elastin with a net result of accelerated healing of the skin. These fresh cells create younger-looking skin.

Using Oxygenetix Post-Procedure

Oxygenetix eliminates and/or minimizes patient downtime by camouflaging signs of a procedure while providing rapid cellular turnover thus accelerating the wound healing process. This has changed the name of the game for many medical professionals who dealt with push back when patients learned how long the healing process would take. Ceravitae® has been noted to provide up to 5 times the oxygen uptake than wearing nothing at all. With flawless coverage and powerful pro-healing ingredients such as Ceravitae®, Oxygenetix delivers quick results that heal and conceal.


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