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Artículo: 2023 Cosmetic Trends You Should Know About

2023 Cosmetic Trends You Should Know About

2023 Cosmetic Trends You Should Know About

Cosmetic enhancements and procedures boomed in 2022. In a post pandemic era where many people still work remote and have meetings on Zoom, people saw the opportunity to get treatments done and recover in their homes. According to the ASPS 2022 Trend Report, 47% of practices saw more business compared to before the pandemic and 23% saw double the clients they did before the shutdown.

Breast augmentations became slightly less popular and we saw a rise in facelifts and eyelid surgeries. We saw the continuation of the "Zoom Boom", the more people see themselves on camera, the more they are inclined to get cosmetic treatments. 

What is in store for us in 2023? With an ever evolving industry, there are some exciting new technologies and trends surfacing this year. 

Here are the top cosmetic trends you should know about in 2023.

PRF - Platelet-Rich-Fibrin

The PRP "vampire facial" has a powerful cousin that is even more natural and absorbs more slowly into the body. This platelet-rich-fibrin (PRF) facial is said to gain popularity in 2023.

The OG PRP facials have taken the cosmetic industry by storm the past few years ever since Kim Kardashian posted her experience on social media. What may look like a gruesome, bloody procedure has high anti-aging benefits with little risk of adverse reaction since your own blood is used to create the elixir. 

Just like the PRP facial, PRF facialists spin the patient's own blood to release growth factors that work to heal the skin. Unlike PRP however, the PRF is spun at a much lower speed and made without anticoagulant. This makes the PRF more natural and absorbs slower into the body. This means the PRF has more time to work into the skin and encourage new stem cell growth.

 Lip Flip botox neurotoxin

Lip Flips

The use of lip filler for a fuller kisser isn't necessarily going away in 2023, but the lip flip is predicted to gain popularity.

The lip flip has been around for years, but the wow factor you can achieve with lip filler outshined it last year. Doctors are predicting more people will look for a less invasive option in 2023 and some people are even getting their lip filler dissolved. 

So what is a lip flip exactly? Dr. Lal told Eonline, "We use small amounts of neurotoxin to provide a subtle natural lip flip. This prevents the lumpy, bumpy, bulky lip look... Fillers are falling out of favor with many patients."

When neurotoxin such as Botox is injected into the Cupid's bow it temporarily relaxes the muscles causing your lip to flip up and out. This creates an optical illusion of fuller lips without injecting filler.

 Ultrasound Facelift

Ultrasound Facelift

Facelifts are not going away any time soon and we are coming up with new innovative ways to get the same results. A relatively new technology to reduce wrinkles in the face is the ultrasound facelift. 

Technically known as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), you can see results within a few months without the risks of plastic surgery. Although it is not FDA approved yet, many regard it as a non-invasive and painless option to refine wrinkles and help lift the face. This is not recommended for people who have a lot of facial sagging, but may be a good option for those who are starting to see slight sagging and want to promote collagen production early.

WebMD states, "It relies on ultrasound energy to promote the creation of collagen, which is essential for firmer skin. The device used in ultrasound skin tightening is much more helpful than laser devices. It penetrates 5 millimeters deep under the skin, reaching the second layer of muscles under the facial muscles. The ability to go this deep is crucial, as collage production takes place in these lower layers."


InstaLift® For Long Lasting Results

Another innovation that is said to take off in 2023 is the Silhouette InstaLift®. Those who are sick of fillers or want instant results without the long procedure, InstaLift delivers. 

Their promise is enticing, "you'll walk out with an immediate lift thanks to our Micro-suspension Technology™. And, over time, you'll continue to see results as InstaLift boosts your natural collagen production, adding volume to your cheeks and mid-face. These results may be long lasting."

The procedure takes under an hour and you can get back to your daily life right away. After receiving a local anesthetic, your doctor will place the sutures where they need to be to create the lift you want. 

While you will get immediate results, you will also benefit from resulting natural collagen production for up to two years. 

LED facial light

Facial LEDs and Home Tools

Having robust at home skincare rituals continues to trend in 2023. We anticipate more beauty tools on the market to support your at home routines. 

LED lights have gained popularity in recent years and the technology keeps improving.

"I love using LED, because my philosophy is to protect and nourish the lipid barrier," celebrity aesthetician Angela Caglia tells HarpersBAZAAR. "There are many invasive treatments available, whether it's needles or lasers, that work to trick the skin into thinking it's been wounded to rebuild collagen. But if you use LED, they're actually [improving] for the outermost layer of skin, or lipid barrier."

There are devices now that can mimic a trip to the med spa. You can temporarily increase the volume of your pout with PMD's Kiss System, or get a great exfoliation at home with Lancer's Skincare Pro Polish Microdermabrasion Device.

While it is still the best to get professional facials from an esthetician or dermatologist, maintenance in between appointment can be enhanced with these tools that are said to only get better in 2023. 

 Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

Makeup and Skincare Hybrids

We live in the information age and everyone is becoming pretty savvy when it comes to the ingredients they are putting on their skin. We want to use less products that have more skincare benefits.

With an ever growing industry, cosmetic companies need to adopt a hybrid approach when it comes to makeup and skincare products. Makeup needs to benefit the skin as much as the esthetic. 

Oxygenetix has always kept this in mind with makeup that doubles as skincare. All Oxygenetix products are dermatologist recommended all over the world. Using an aloe vera base and ingredients that promote cellular turnover, Oxygenetix Foundations, Concealers, and Hydro-Matrix moisturizers care for the skin while providing lasting coverage and protection. 

Gone are the days of hidden ingredients and clogging pores. We expect more from our makeup now. 2023 we will see more companies taking this to heart and following the footsteps of products like Oxygenetix that are good for the skin and provide the confidence we all seek when buying makeup. 

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