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Artículo: 5 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Freckles

5 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Freckles
faux freckles

5 Ways to Embrace Your Natural Freckles

Freckles are generally seen as cute and endearing, but haven't always been accepted by the beauty community or the people who have them.

In recent years freckles have made a comeback. What was once something that people tried to cover up with makeup is now getting it's chance to shine. Faux freckles are trending and people are choosing makeup looks that enhance their natural freckle.

TIK TOK has been at the forefront of many beauty trends in the last few years. One trend that has really taken off is fake or faux freckles.

Those who don't have freckles are creating their own with dotting tools. Whether people want a couple freckles or a sunkissed cluster on their noses, many faux freckle products have come out to achieve the look. Some people have even tried using the tops of broccoli to create a natural feel!

What about those who have them naturally? How can you wear makeup without hiding all of your natural freckles? 

How to Enhance Your Natural Freckles

In order to wear makeup without concealing your natural freckle it is important to choose makeup that enhances your natural beauty. Here are our top tips to enhance natural freckles:

1 - Exfoliate!

Keep your skin exfoliated using products that protect your freckle if you don't want to lose pigment. Some chemical exfoliants can lighten freckles over time, so check with your dermatologist and look into the ingredients you are using. 

By removing dead skin cells consistently with exfoliation, your freckles will stand out more on your smooth, glowy skin. 

2 - Moisturize

Moisturizing is an important step of any makeup routine. Hydrated skin is more plump, smooth, and will create a longer lasting makeup look. Your freckles will glow when they are properly moisturized and protected.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix is a powerful moisturizer that doubles as a primer for your foundation. With a lightweight, non-greasy feel, your skin will feel rejuvenated without affecting your makeup application.

3 - Protect Your Skin With SPF 

Freckles are brought on by an overproduction of melanin when your skin is in the sun. Even if you want more freckles, it is important to protect your skin everyday with an SPF of at least 30. People who have freckles are more susceptible to skin cancers and conditions from sun exposure. 

Use an SPF that is gentle for your skin and keep in mind that tinted sunscreens may darken your freckles. If you are cool with that, by all means use that bronzing SPF!

3 - Choose a Lightweight Foundation

The foundation you choose is crucial if you want your freckles to shine through. Choose a lightweight, breathable foundation that is buildable like Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. This foundation was made for sensitive skin types so it is safe to use if you are prone to acne or irritation. Oxygenating Foundation goes on sheer but can be layered for full coverage if desired.

Apply your foundation with a brush like Oxygenetix Smooth Finish foundation brush and use a sweeping motion for a lightweight finish. 

4 - Spot Conceal 

For more coverage in some areas like your under eyes or for any blemishes you may have, you can spot conceal with a breathable concealer.

Oxygenating Concealer has the same skincare benefits and breathability as Oxygenating Foundation but with more pigmentation to easily conceal in one pass.

5 - Add Color Strategically

To add some color to your cheekbones or give yourself a sunkissed bronzed glow choose products that compliment the rest of your makeup. If you are using liquid foundation like Oxygenetix, opt for a liquid blush and bronzer. 

To enhance your natural glow, apply blush and bronzer where you would naturally get more color from the sun. 

Enjoy embracing your natural freckles and letting them shine once and for all! 

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