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Artículo: Ceravitae® - The Oxygenetix Hero Ingredient

Ceravitae® - The Oxygenetix Hero Ingredient

Ceravitae® - The Oxygenetix Hero Ingredient

Oxygenetix offers a revolutionary professional-grade skin rejuvenating camouflage designed to be applied following most aesthetic procedures. What sets Oxygenetix apart as the ideal choice for revitalizing skin after various aesthetic treatments? The answer lies in our hero ingredient, Ceravitae®.

The History

Barry Knapp, co-founder, and formulator of Oxygenetix, drew inspiration from the research of the esteemed American Inventor George Sperti. Sperti delved into the cell stimulating qualities of a live yeast cell derivative (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Recognizing the structural similarity between yeast cells and human cells, Sperti uncovered their ability to stimulate oxygen consumption, alleviate irritation, and act as a stimulant for other ingredients.

Oxygenetix formulators seamlessly integrated this knowledge with their profound expertise in organic chemistry and makeup formulation. Combining an isolated LYCD compound with carefully selected ingredients, Barry Knapp secured a patent and trademarked it as Ceravitae®. This groundbreaking research led to the creation of a unique topical, skin-enhancing, protective, and breathable makeup foundation. Researching the most beneficial ingredients nature has to offer us, cold-pressed natural aloe vera Barbadensis, natural vitamin E with all four tocopherols, hyaluronic acid (HA) and PCA for moisture retention, was selected for the base and silicone was added to reduce the appearance of scars. 

How Does Ceravitae® Work?

Ceravitae®, the patented hero complex used in all Oxygenetix formulations, actively supports the skin and its delicate barrier essential for optimal hydration. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is thought to support the natural renewal and regeneration of skin cells, creating an environment where oxygen uptake seamlessly integrates into the skin's renewal process. In synergy with other meticulously chosen ingredients, Ceravitae contributes to overall skin health and vitality.

Dr. Schep, Chief Chemist at Oxygenetix, clarifies, “Just as our lungs require oxygen to breathe, it is essential our skin cells get oxygen as well. Oxygenetix supports this process by not inhibiting or blocking the flow of oxygen to the skin.” 

Using Oxygenetix Post-Procedure

Oxygenetix foundations are a game-changer, concealing procedure signs while providing soothing, supportive hydrating ingredients to the skin. Professionals have embraced this innovative approach, overcoming client reluctance due to anticipated downtime. Ceravitae® formulations allow the skin to breathe, avoiding occlusion and pore-clogging issues that can be caused by petroleum-based and mineral based products. With flawless coverage and powerful ingredients, Oxygenetix supports skin renewal, delivering quick results while beautifully concealing procedures.

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