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Artículo: DATE NIGHT MAKEUP: Love Your Skin



Whether your preferred date night is spent dancing with your besties, dining out with your significant other, or ordering takeout and snuggling your pet (amen to that!), feeling beautiful in the skin you’re in is a must.

We have you covered with universally-flattering date-night makeup tips that will have you feeling so beautiful, you won’t want to wash it off – but please, don’t skip your nighttime skincare routine.

Tip 1: Ace Your Base

A gorgeous, fresh, and clean base will allow your makeup to look smoother and last longer! Prepare your skin with your all-time favorite cleanser and moisturizer (hello, Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix).

Before applying a breathable and luminous foundation (again, hello Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation), allow your moisturizer to sink into the skin for at least 5 minutes.

Tip 2: Accentuate Your Eye Shape

Soft, winged liner created with eyeshadow and an angled liner brush is a great look for all eye shapes. Start thinner at the inner corner, slightly thickening the wing towards the outer corner for a sultry look. To brighten your eyes, add a light-colored, shimmery shadow to the inner tear duct and finish off with your favorite mascara.

Tip 3: Get Luscious Lips

Pair your look with either a bold or neutral lip; but if you’re going the bold route, make sure you add a bit of lip liner to the outer edges of your lips to ensure your lipstick doesn’t feather. Finish off your look by adding a touch of gloss for a hydrated, plump pout!

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