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Artículo: Do You Have Healthy Skin? How to Tell and Why It's Important

Do You Have Healthy Skin? How to Tell and Why It's Important
dehydrated skin

Do You Have Healthy Skin? How to Tell and Why It's Important

Being the largest organ of the body, your skin is also the part of you that people can see the most. The way your skin looks and feels is a huge indicator of your overall health, lifestyle, and age. 

Healthy skin is vibrant, smooth, and unblemished. The epitome of youth. Unhealthy skin on the other hand may appear older than it actually is, wrinkled, and discolored. 


Your skin is the body's first line of defense against harmful microbes. Immune cells within skin tissue help fight invading organisms, preventing disease and infection.

When your skin's health is compromised, you are more prone to skin conditions and developments that are hard to reverse. In order to maintain a healthy skin barrier, you need to look at the way you are treating your body and your skin as a whole. 

The best way to determine your skin's health and what steps you can take to improve is with a Board Certified Dermatologist. In the meantime you can learn to recognize the signs of poor skin. 


Do you have healthy skin? Here are some things to lookout for when analyzing if your skin is in optimal repair or needs attention.


Healthy skin is glowing skin. It has a smooth texture and even color composition. When our skin cells regenerate quickly, rough dead cells at the surface slough off to expose a youthful complexion that reflects light evenly. Unfortunately, skin cell rejuvenation slows down as we age. This is why baby skin is so soft while older skin can be rough and dry. 

Modern skincare treatments and products have come a long way for helping improve skin cell regeneration. Oxygenetix hero ingredient Ceravitae@ promotes oxygen to skin on a cellular level, encouraging rapid renewal and production of elastin and collagen. So not only do Oxygenetix Foundations and Hydro-Matrix help the skin look it's best immediately, they are literally improving the skin over time.


How well your skin is hydrated is a good indicator of skin health. Dehydrated skin may be itchy, dull, roughly textured, flaky, and/or increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To test if you have dehydrated skin, pinch an area of your cheek, chest, or arm and hold for a few seconds. When you let go does your skin snap back fast or slowly? The longer it takes to recover, the more dehydrated your skin is. 

While drinking more water definitely contributes to overall skin hydration, real lasting change can only occur by also utilizing high quality moisturizers. Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix is the ideal choice for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the skin all day while the powerful formula seals hydration in with a protective barrier.


Some people are born with skin discolorations that occur in the form of hypopigmentation or birthmarks. Luckily, the discolorations we should pay close attention to are preventable. 

While the sun's ultraviolet rays help our skin manufacture Vitamin D, exposure to sunlight without proper protection can cause damage that shows up as discoloration and freckles. Over time, sun damage can cause the skin to prematurely wrinkle and look older. While these effects can lead to more serious conditions such as skin cancer, they can also be treated and minimized with the help of a dermatologist.

Melville, NY dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD tells New Beauty, “Whether it’s age spots, premature wrinkles, early crepiness or broken blood vessels, we can assess it and take a look using a UV light photo to observe with more sensitivity the degree of underlying photo damage."

Your dermatologist may choose to use acids, peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments to help lighten and soften hyperpigmentation or skin discolorations. Regardless of the treatment you receive, you can go back to your busy schedule right away thanks to Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. Doctors around the globe offer Oxygenetix post-procedure to help conceal signs of treatment. It is the only foundation medically approved to be used on compromised skin. 

See your dermatologist to assess the health of your skin and be on your way to a healthier, happier complexion. Choose skincare products that promote a healthy skin barrier and leave your skin in the best shape possible. Choose Oxygenetix.

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