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Artículo: Help Your Teen Gain Confidence with Acne Control

Help Your Teen Gain Confidence with Acne Control
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Help Your Teen Gain Confidence with Acne Control

While acne can affect us at any age, it predominantly affects adolescents. In fact, most teens go through this chronic skin condition characterized by inflamed pimples and clogged pores. 

In a retrospective study of 1,167 Patients reports, "Several large studies have reported a prevalence of adolescent acne ranging from 81 to 95 percent in young men and 79 to 82 percent in young women."

As a parent of a teen with acne, it can be frustrating not knowing how to help. The social pressure teenagers face mixed with selfies and unrealistic beauty standards online is a recipe for a body image crises. 

While seeking advice from a board certified dermatologist is the best way to get their acne under control, you can also use treatment foundation to conceal pimples in real time while your teen heals. Gift them with the best support on the market with Oxygenetix Acne Control products. 

Keep reading for our best tips for your teenagers struggling with breakouts.

Find your Dermatologist

To find the best dermatologist for your teen, you can go to the American Academy of Dermatology website to search for a board certified derm in your area: CLICK HERE. also has a great resource for how to select a dermatologist, including how to book an appointment and how it all works with insurance. Read their article HERE.

Trained dermatologists know what products to use and can cater their recommendations for your teen specifically. They can also point you in the right direction for medical grade facials to get regularly to clean the skin and clear out clogged pores. 

Choose Excellent Skincare 

When choosing products to treat acne it is always best to go to a trained esthetic professional to get medical grade formulas. Acne treatments that can be found at department stores don't work for everyone and are often laden with ingredients that make acne worse, such as fragrance.

When left untreated, acne can cause scarring that can only be maintained with costly esthetic procedures. It is better to invest in quality skincare that actively combats bacteria and oil production than to waste time and money on products that just don't work. Over time your investment will be worth it for your teens confidence and skin health.


Figuring out what works for your teen can take some time. Everyone's skin reacts differently to ingredients and treatments. 

Curing acne is truly a patience game. Try not to get frustrated when one product or treatment isn't working. Keep trying and working with your dermatologist to see what works for your teen. Clear skin is on the horizon!

Find relief with Oxygenetix Acne Control 

Your teen can walk confidently wearing Oxygenetix Acne Control products. Prime the skin with Acne Control Hydro-Matrix, a powerful moisturizer that is aloe based and works to exfoliate for smoother skin. This soothing relief will calm irritated skin and prep for their foundation.

Apply Acne Control Foundation with a clean sponge or brush, gently tapping for full coverage. Acne Control Foundation also has 2% salicylic acid to unclog pores all day. This patented foundation camouflages redness and pustules for a natural glow. 

Find out why Oxygenetix has the number one foundation for sensitive and acne prone skin and get yours today! 

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