How To Color Match Your Perfect Foundation Shade

How To Color Match Your Perfect Foundation Shade

Do you have a hard time finding your perfect foundation shade?

Using the right color for you will complement and enhance your natural beauty.

Let's face it, it's not always convenient making it to the makeup counter hoping that a specialist will get your shade right, let alone being left to your own devices with a tester display.

Oxygenetix uses the blue base and yellow base color system to make it easy to find your perfect shade. 

Sampler cards are available on the Oxygenetix website. And when you buy a card exclusive savings will be applied to your next purchase. 

When your sampler card comes in the mail, use the following tips to find your perfect match!

Finding Your Color

Oxygenetix Foundations come in 7 blue-based (Pearl, Ivory, Taupe, Walnut, Coco, Ebony, & Mahogany) and 7 yellow-based shades (Opal, Creme, Beige, Almond, Honey, Tawny, & Chakra). By deciphering whether you are blue or yellow-based you can easily find your foundation color. 

Take this short quiz found on the back of the sampler card to see if you are more likely blue or yellow-based.

1. Which color scarf would you prefer to wear?

a) Burgandy

b) Orange



2. Which best describes your skin's undertone?

a) Rose pink/ burgundy/ blue/ veins more apparent

b) Peach pink/ various salmon hues/ golden


3. What celebrity's skin undertone more closely resembles yours?

a) Angelina Jolie/ Katy Perry/ Rihanna

b) Jennifer Aniston/ Jennifer Lopez


If you answered (a) more, you are most likely blue-based. If you chose (b) more, you are most likely yellow-based.

Oxygenetix Shade Swatches

For more information on the blue-based/ yellow-based color system and how to find your base read our blog Living in Color: The Blue Base / Yellow Base Color System. 


Natural lighting is best when trying to match your skin to a foundation shade. Go outside or by a window during the day for the closest color matching results. Experts say 11 am is the most ideal time for natural lighting. 

Window Lighting Image

Photo by James Dear The Lighting Judge

LED lights which have a blue cast, and some lightbulbs with yellow tones will affect how your skin appears. 


Pull back the tab of the shade you want to test and use a clean finger to tap the foundation onto your jawline. When testing on your face make sure you aren't wearing any other makeup at the time. 

Sampler Card Oxygenetix Gif

When testing multiple shades, apply the foundations side by side for maximum comparison.

If you can't decide between two shades, mix what is left in the tabs of each to create a custom color match. Having two foundation shades is a great way to contour. You will also be able to create perfect custom color matches each and every day. 

Friendly reminder: Each Shade Sampler Card is intended for color matching and not intended to provide full coverage. Each tab includes 1mm of the foundation under a foil cover and is intended for color matching only. 

While we wanted to supply all 14 shades on our sampler card, however, the largest sampler made would only accommodate 12 so the top 12 sellers were selected. 


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