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Artículo: Hydro Matrix as Foundation Primer

Hydro Matrix as Foundation Primer

Hydro Matrix as Foundation Primer

Your face is the canvas and you are the artist. Makeup is the modality through which your creativity flows as you prepare to take on the world each day. You begin with a flawless foundation, the first layer that precedes all the rest. But even before your foundation application, there is a crucial step that is often overlooked, the primer.

What is Makeup Primer?

Makeup primer is applied topically before foundation, eye shadow, and lip applications as a base. Just as you would use a primer before painting a house, makeup primer prepares the skin for the rest of your makeup. It is important to use a primer that also has skincare benefits. Primer is at the front lines, getting absorbed into the skin first. 

Hydro Matrix as Foundation Primer

Oxygenetix topicals are all excellent at supporting compromised skin and are even better when paired together. Use Oxygenating Hydro Matrix as the primer for Oxygenating and Acne Control Foundations. Hydro Matrix does the following to prepare the skin for the foundation:

  • Hydro Matrix plumps the skin with powerful humectants
- Hyaluronic Acid improves skin texture and restores suppleness
- Sodium PCA binds moisture to the skin cells
    • Hydro Matrix allows the skin to breathe preventing clogged pores 
    • Hydro Matrix actively promotes skin renewal and enhances the skin's barrier with patented Ceravitae®
    • Hydro Matrix calms the skin with Aloe Barbadensis
    • Hydro Matrix creates a smooth palette for a flawless foundation application

    Choose Your Finish


    For a matte finish allow Hydro Matrix to absorb into the skin completely before applying your Oxygenetix Foundation. Dab the foundation into the skin and wait 60 seconds between layers for a flawless application.


    To achieve a dewy look for glowing skin, apply your Oxygenetix Foundation immediately after applying Hydro Matrix. 

    Light Coverage

    Mixing Hydro Matrix with your Foundation is a great way to glow with lighter coverage. 

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