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Artículo: Oxygenetix Foundation Application Techniques

Oxygenetix Foundation Application Techniques

Oxygenetix Foundation Application Techniques

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and Acne Control Foundation are the first of their kind. Making headway as a medical cosmetic, Oxygenetix products are safe to use on even the most sensitive and post-procedure skin. Oxygenetix Foundations are dynamic, offering various finishes and results. Depending on the tool you use and the application technique, there is a way to get any look you desire, and we are here to help. Continue reading to learn the top tips for applying your Oxygenetix Foundation.

Before Foundation Application

Prime the face by cleansing with a gentle cleanser to remove any unwanted bacteria or debris. Once the skin has dried, apply your Oxygenetix Hydro Matrix all over the face with your fingers or a soft brush. Applying this powerful moisturizer to the skin provides the perfect palette for Oxygenetix Foundations. 

Finger Application

Applying foundation with your fingers is a great way to control the coverage. Begin by dispensing the desired amount of Oxygenetix on top of your hand. Your hand is now a paint palette for foundation and is the perfect place to blend two colors together to achieve a color match if needed. We recommend using your ring finger to apply, as it naturally acts more gently than the pointer or middle finger. To get an even amount of pigment on your ring finger, swipe back and forth on the foundation until a sheer like amount is achieved. Use a tapping or dabbing motion to achieve best camouflaging results. Do not lather or apply thick layers. If more coverage is desired wait 60 seconds and repeat the process. Oxygenetix can be layered to gain desired coverage without diminishing breathability. 

Sponge Application

A sponge is a perfect tool to use if you have sensitive skin following aggressive treatments. Those with acne or rosacea can also benefit from using a sponge, as they can be washed of bacteria or thrown away as disposables. Be sure to use a sterile sponge or a new one, latex-free preferably. Run your sponge under water before applying foundation to avoid soaking a lot of product into the sponge. Place the desired amount of Oxygenetix on top of your hand and swipe the sponge back and forth to get an even amount of pigment. Use tapping or dabbing motions to apply to the skin for full coverage. When you are finished clean your sponge or throw away disposables.

Brush Application

For a smooth, even flawless finish, use a foundation brush. Makeup brushes are sometimes too harsh on a patient’s sensitive skin following a procedure, so always use what is best for your situation. First, dispense the desired amount of Oxygenetix Foundation on top of your hand. Take a clean finger and dab dots of product on the face such as the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Using the foundation brush, gently blend the pigment over areas of the face. 

Enjoy your breathable foundation and let us know what worked for you! 

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