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Artículo: Oxygenetix Won Brand of The Year at the Daytime Beauty Awards

Oxygenetix Won Brand of The Year at the Daytime Beauty Awards

Oxygenetix Won Brand of The Year at the Daytime Beauty Awards

Oxygenetix is honored to have been awarded Brand of the Year at The Daytime Beauty Awards this year! This award marks a decade of success in the beauty and entertainment industry for Oxygenetix. On Friday, September 20th, 2019 the Oxygenetix team made their way to The Taglyan in Los Angeles to accept this prestigious award. 

Established in 2014, the Hollywood Beauty Awards were founded by LATF USA’s publisher & CEO, Michele Elyzabeth. 

"The annual award show recognizes the architects of beauty in hair, makeup, photography and styling in Film, TV, and Music, as well as artists who create celebrity looks for the red carpet and editorial." 

"The Daytime Beauty Awards recognizes Science behind Beauty and spotlights health & wellness professionals."

The voting board is comprised of past honorees, winners, professionals from the beauty industry; encompassing Journalists, Publicists, and Beauty Experts.

(Oxygenetix Team from left to right: Kim Pearson, Kort Pearson, Sheila Walsh, Patty Bunch, Randy Fisher)

Oxygenetix has been a part of the entertainment industry in Hollywood for years. Makeup artists and celebrities alike love the long-lasting Oxygenating Foundation that takes care of their skin. 

During the award ceremony, lights were dimmed as a video played recognizing the innovators behind Oxygenetix, "Co-founded by Kort Pearson & Barry Knapp, Oxygenetix is far more than just a foundation. When Barry witnessed the aftermath of his mother's chemical peel, he envisioned a product that would cover and heal her compromised skin. Using his 33 years of experience in the natural product skincare industry, Kort and his partner formulated Oxygenetix in the lab for post-procedures. The Oxygen enriched protective foundation minimizes patient scarring, discomfort, and social downtime. Treating all skin types, acne, burns, and more, it's formula utilizes a super-charged patented Oxygen complex called Ceravitae® that takes in Oxygen via osmosis supporting collagen and elastin production. This aerobic effect helps cells work harder and stimulate connective tissue growth. From the doctor's office to the red carpet, Oxygenetix has gained international attention. From Hollywood's top makeup artists for onscreen looks and celebrities including Gal Gadot, Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Kate Bosworth, Ellie Goulding, Melissa McCarthy, and more."

(Patty Bunch presenting Oxygenetix Brand of the Year Award)

Three times Emmy nominated Makeup Artist Patty Bunch then took the stage to speak of her experience using Oxygenetix behind the scenes, "As an esthetician and a makeup artist I'm always searching for that perfect, flawless, product, and I found Oxygenetix. When I'm transferring an actor into a character or helping a client with a chemical peel, their foundation held up beautifully through any grueling 12 hour day. When they took it off their skin actually looks better and healthier. It gives my actors and my clients a little bit more confidence. Oxygenetix will set the higher bar for science. Because of this exceptional foundation, I am here today to thank you, Kort Pearson, for all your years of incredible work."

 (Oxygenetix CEO and Co-Founder Kort Pearson Accepting Award)

Kort took the stage to accept the award. "Good afternoon I want to thank the Daytime Beauty Awards for honoring us. This is really such a big honor for myself and the Oxygenetix family. I know that my dear late friend and co-founder Barry Knapp would have been absolutely ecstatic to see how far this company has come. Receiving Brand of the Year was not an award we thought we would be achieving years ago when the brand first started so to be standing here on behalf of Barry and the Oxygenetix family is such a blessing. I am truly grateful to work with such an incredible team of hard-working and passionate people. Without them, Oxygenetix would not be where it is today. So I'd like to take a moment to give a special thanks to those behind the scenes. My wife Kim for her patience and support, and to the core force, Randy Fisher, Sheila Walsh, Kameron Pearson, Brandon Powell, Kameron Kilmer, and our newest team member, Barry's daughter, Sophia Knapp. Thank you all for continuing Barry's legacy and carrying on his vision, this is just the beginning. And thank you again to the Daytime Beauty Awards for honoring us with this incredible award and acknowledging the innovation that is Oxygenetix."

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