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Artículo: Protect Your Skin from Chlorine

Protect Your Skin from Chlorine

Protect Your Skin from Chlorine

Calling all swimmers! If you enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout that swimming provides, or simply enjoy wading in the pool on a hot summer day, you are in the right place! While swimming in the pool feels nice at the time, afterward your skin can be left feeling dehydrated and depleted.

Chlorine protects your skin from harmful bacteria in the pool but can leave your skin feeling dry as it strips your skin’s natural oils. Chlorine is such a strong chemical, it also causes allergic reactions in some people. While chlorine acts to disinfect the pool, it also creates some toxins called disinfection by-products (DBPs). Studies show that DBPs most greatly affect the eyes and skin (Jiang Hua, et al., 2015).

Here are some tips to protect your skin from the effects of chlorine:

Wash Your Skin

Immediately rinse your face and body with soap and water after getting out of the pool. This lessens the time chlorine is on you, therefore preventing further drying. Use moisturizing soap and a gentle cleanser.


Use a moisturizer, preferably rich in Vitamin E and C. Oxygenetix Hydro Matrix is a perfect choice as it will also soothe any redness caused by sun exposure. The Aloe Vera base cools and heals the skin on contact. Hydro Matrix also helps combat aging, which is an extra plus for those out in the sun regularly!


If at all possible lessen the amount of time you spend in the pool. We suggest taking a day or two before another dip in the pool, allowing your skin to produce natural oils effectively.

Chlorine Alternatives

If you have your own pool consider chlorine alternatives. One option is saltwater using salt cells. Pools using saltwater need to be cleaned more often without the added chemicals but is a great alternative for those sensitive to chlorine. Additional options include ozone generators which break down organic contaminants, bromine, mineral systems, and non-chlorine shock. These alternative methods require some chlorine use but greatly reduce the effects.


Chlorine can irritate the eyes, causing dryness and redness. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of chlorine.



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