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Artículo: Say Goodbye to Red Marks and Blemishes from Your Glasses and Sunnies

Say Goodbye to Red Marks and Blemishes from Your Glasses and Sunnies
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Say Goodbye to Red Marks and Blemishes from Your Glasses and Sunnies

Prescription and Sunglasses are essential for vision, but they can sometimes bring along some unwanted companions: acne and red marks. If you’re tired of battling blemishes and unsightly pressure points, fear not! Here’s your guide to help keep your skin clear and smooth, even if your glasses are glued to your face all day.

Why Do Glasses Cause Acne and Red Marks

First, let’s understand why glasses can be a skin nuisance. The constant pressure and friction from the frames can irritate your skin, leading to redness and breakouts. Additionally, glasses trap oil, sweat, and bacteria, creating a perfect breeding ground for acne. Here’s how you can combat these issues effectively.

Clean Your Glasses Regularly

One of the simplest yet most effective solutions is keeping your glasses clean. Use a liquid soap and warm water combination to gently cleanse the nose pads of your glasses and any other part that may touch your face. You can use a soft tooth brush to get into crevices of the frames as well. This helps remove oils and bacteria that can transfer to your skin.

Choose the Right Frames

Opt for lightweight frames that distribute pressure evenly across your nose and behind your ears. Frames made of hypoallergenic materials can also minimize skin irritation.

Adjust the Fit

Ensure your glasses fit properly. Frames that are too tight can cause more friction and pressure. Visit your optician for adjustments to get a perfect fit that’s comfortable yet secure.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Regular cleansing is crucial. Use a gentle cleanser to remove oil and dirt, especially around the areas where your glasses sit. Follow up with a toner to help keep your pores clear.

Use a Barrier

Applying a barrier between your skin and the frames can reduce friction. Consider using silicone nose pads or Oxygenetix Foundation or Hydro-Matrix which both form a protective barrier on the skin to keep bacteria and dirt at bay. More info on these below!

Moisturize Wisely

Hydration is key, but choosing the right moisturizer is essential. Check out Oxygenetix new Pore Clarifying Hydro Matrix moisturizer. This lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer contains a hydrating and cleansing combination of salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate your skin gently and keep your pores clear, and hyaluronic acid and PCA to maintain a robust moisture barrier. It’s perfect for those prone to acne and works well under makeup.

Foundation that Breathes

If you wear makeup, choose products that won’t clog your pores. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a game-changer. It’s breathable, allowing your skin to get the oxygen it needs to stay healthy. Plus, it provides excellent coverage without feeling heavy, so you can look flawless while letting your skin breathe.

Quick Fixes for Red Marks and Acne

Even with the best precautions, you might still get the occasional red mark or pimple. Here’s how to fix them quickly:

Spot Treatment: Dab a little salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on the blemish to reduce inflammation.

Cold Compress: Apply a cold compress to red marks to reduce swelling and redness.

Hydrocolloid Patches: These are a great quick fix for acne. They absorb excess oil and protect the pimple from further irritation.

Camouflage Smartly: Use the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation to cover blemishes without clogging your pores.

Don’t let your glasses be the cause of skin woes. With regular cleaning, proper fit, and the right skincare products, you can enjoy clear skin and clear vision. Incorporate the Pore Clarifying Hydro-Matrix moisturizer and Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation into your daily routine for a flawless, breathable finish that supports your skin’s health. Say goodbye to acne and red marks and hello to a confident, blemish-free look!

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