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Artículo: The Lasting Effects of Wearing Harmful Makeup

The Lasting Effects of Wearing Harmful Makeup
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The Lasting Effects of Wearing Harmful Makeup

The beautiful world of makeup has changed drastically in the last decade. More people are waking up to the fact that makeup can be harmful for your skin and are finding healthy alternatives. 

Civic Science reported in 2019 that women who said they wore makeup daily went down from 52% to 39% in the span of four years. Now it may be even less.


The reasons women are wearing less makeup are many, but among them is the fact that most makeup is harmful to the skin. We are in an era where skincare is queen. It is time to take a hard look at the products you wear on your skin and understand how it may affect you long term. 

Here at Oxygenetix we formulate foundations and concealers that are breathable and have skin nourishing ingredients. This skincare makeup is the ideal choice for everyday wear and can help enhance your natural glow.

Unfortunately not all makeup is created this way. Here is a list of the lasting effects that can result from wearing harmful makeup over time.


Most foundations and concealers first ingredient is water or oil. Water based products are full of pore clogging preservatives that harm the skin, and oil based products can be very occlusive. 

When your base makeup products are clogging your skin, they are not able to function properly. Your skin may overproduce oils (sebum) in an attempt to flush out your pores. This can cause acne and other skin irritations.


Joshua Zeichner, celebrity dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, told NBC News that the "overuse of makeup, especially foundations, can lead to skin irritation or acne breakouts."

Acne prone skin is extremely sensitive. Any bacteria that is trapped in your pores from your makeup can cause pimples. Additionally, the way in which you put your makeup on can cause breakouts if you aren't careful. Make sure to always use a clean sponge or brush every time you do your makeup. Have a stock of clean brushes so you don't have to use the same one more than once. Your tools will spread acne causing bacteria to other areas of your face. 


If you wear makeup every day and don't have a good skincare routine, you can speed up the aging process.

First of all it is important to moisturize before putting on your makeup, not matter what brands you are using. The first thing to touch your skin should be nourishing and hydrating. Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix is used as a post-procedure topical to help hydrate compromised skin, but it is also the ideal choice for makeup primer and everyday use. Once your skin is protected from the Hydro-Matrix your makeup will apply more smoothly and you won't have as many adverse effects to makeup use. Using Oxygenetix foundations and concealer is also a sure way to prevent wrinkles.

When environmental pollutants get onto your skin throughout the day, they can seep into your pores and break down the collagen and elastin. This is why it is important to wear makeup that protects your skin instead of damaging it further. Oxygenetix has you covered.


If you wear makeup everyday that is not hydrating you can experience excessive dryness. When your skin feels tight and starts peeling, your moisture barrier is compromised and needs repair. 

Give your skin a break from makeup and focus on hydration while allowing your skin to heal. Once your skin feels nourished and plump once again, you can switch to Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and Hydro-Matrix to ensure your skin never goes through that again.

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup on a daily basis, as long as the makeup you are wearing takes care of your skin. Oxygenetix has paved the way for makeup and skincare hybrids that offer protection while also providing the coverage you desire!

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