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Artículo: What is Breathable Makeup?

What is Breathable Makeup?

What is Breathable Makeup?

Oxygenetix foundations, concealer, and Hydro-Matrix moisturizer are all breathable. But what does this mean exactly?

The term 'breathable' has been thrown around loosely for decades by brands wanting to appeal to the educated buyer seeking for safe, good for your skin ingredients in the products they purchase. By industry standards, breathable makeup means it has non-occlusive ingredients, won't clog your pores, and allows air permeation to skin cells. However, the brands who try to frame themselves as having "breathable" makeup do nothing more than add skin loving ingredients to their occlusive formulas. 

Most foundations first ingredient is water or oil. Water based foundations and moisturizers have to add harmful, occlusive preservatives in order to maintain freshness and a long shelf life. Like an apple that will go bad when bitten into and exposed to air, products with a water base have to contain preservatives in order to keep them fresh over time. This is very harmful for your skin.

Oil based cosmetics are inherently occlusive, meaning they will clog up your pores and harbor bacteria, an acne-prone person's worst nightmare. Additionally, the occlusivity from water or oil based products create a shield on the skin, not allowing nourishing ingredients to penetrate the skin cells well. 

Let's break this down. Just like a plant, our skin needs oxygen and hydration to thrive. Putting occlusive makeup on your skin is like putting a plant in a glass box for 8 hours a day. After years of this abuse the plant will have a hard time surviving. Imagine putting occlusive ingredients on your skin 8 hours a day and how that will affect your skin 20, 40 years down the road. 

Oxygenetix has set the standard for breathable beauty. All Oxygenetix formulations are aloe barbadensis based. Aloe barbadensis is the most powerful strain so we chose it to be the base of all of our products. Aloe is non-comedogenic and naturally helps combat redness which is why it is used worldwide for sunburns. Using aloe as the base is a difficult feat that most companies haven't been able to achieve. Oxygenetix founders Barry Knapp and Kort Pearson worked tirelessly with chemist Dr. Raymond Schep to formulate a product that can be used immediately after laser procedures. In order for these formulas to be safe enough for compromised skin on that level, they had to find a base that wouldn't irritate. Aloe was the solution. 

The breathable properties of Oxygenetix goes further than just the revolutionary aloe base. Barry coined the term Ceravitae® for the patented ingredient in all Oxygenetix products. Ceravitae® works deep within skin cells to promote oxygen. Just like our bodies need oxygen to breathe, our skin also needs oxygen to heal. This is why covering wounds with occlusive fabrics and ingredients is so detrimental to the recovery process. Ceravitae® works with our silica to act as a breathable mesh, allowing the skin to work with oxygen and promote skin renewal.

Oxygenetix is not only a favorite of doctors for their post-treatment protocol, makeup artists have been using our breathable formulas for years in order to protect the skin of celebrities. Two-time Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist Patty Bunch said, "I'm seeing a noticeable increase in the demand for medically based foundations like Oxygenetix. It's a great responsibility to protect the skin of the celebrities and actors that I work with and Oxygenetix has given me that key formulation well beyond what's available in other products. Once my actors, who have a sensitivity to other foundation, have tried Oxygenetix they won't go on camera without it."

Oxygenetix products are the most breathable on the market today. Give your skin the oxygen it needs everyday and you will be amazed at how much better your skin looks and feels. 

You can use Oxygenating Foundation and Hydro-Matrix after cosmetic procedures to help you get the results you desire while minimizing downtime. Use these powerful protectors everyday to maintain glowing youthful looking skin!

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