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Article: How to Make 2020 Runway Makeup Trends Work for You

How to Make 2020 Runway Makeup Trends Work for You

How to Make 2020 Runway Makeup Trends Work for You

September rain coated the New York City landscape as world-renowned designers showcased their much-anticipated collections for 2019/2020. Fashion Week did not disappoint this year with contemporary fashion and timeless beauty trends that were as innovative as they were nostalgic.
As Fashion Week prepares us for the upcoming season, we are inspired to imitate our favorite runway makeup. Fashion comes in all shades perfected in an array of styles that are easily customizable at home. Here are some tips tailored to make the trends work specifically for you.

Blue Based/ Yellow Based Color System

The color technology used when formulating the Oxygenetix 7 blue-based and 7 yellow-based shades is a system you can utilize when recreating your favorite makeup looks. Whether you are yellow-based with golden/ peach undertones or blue-based with rosy pink/ blue undertones determines what colors look best on you. Have you ever put on a color that made you look more washed out than your vibrant beautiful self? This means the color wasn't in your spectrum.

In general, we are attracted to the colors that look best on us, but having knowledge of the blue-based yellow-based color system is an advantage that changes the way we use color and create harmony in our lives. To learn more about this color science and find out what your spectrum is read our past article, Living in Color: The Blue-Base/ Yellow-Base Color System.

NYFW Beauty Trends We Love

Neon Eyes

1980s neon and graphic shapes made a comeback as the Jeremy Scott collection walked the runway. Neon also adorned eyes and lips during Chromat’s 10th-anniversary collection inspired by NASA astronauts underwater training. 

Chromat Spring 2020 10th Anniversary Collection © Getty

The best part about neon is it looks stunning on everyone. A pop of bright color can brighten tan skin or create a stunning contrast for fair skin.

For yellow-based skin tones, neon oranges and blues with yellow undertones work best.

For blue-based skin tones, neon colors with blue undertones look great. This includes highlighter yellow, neon green, hot pink, and hot purple.

For everyday wear add a pop of neon color to the inside eyes or use it as eyeliner for striking definition. 

Whimsical Shapes

Anna Sui described her collection as "unabashed, whimsical femininity, light as air and frothing with sweetness." Makeup artist Pat McGrath delivered just that with whimsical eyeliner and bright pastels for looks that created a beautiful light-hearted runway experience. With an overall eye color that pops under white eyeliner accents, this is a fairly easy one to recreate at home!

© Getty Anna Sui 

To create this look for your color spectrum, find an eyeshadow color that will make your eyes pop by choosing colors on the opposite side of the color wheel from your eye color. If you have blue eyes, orange or red tones will make them pop. For blue-based blues go for red-orange or copper with red tones. For yellow-based blues find orange and brass tones or yellow hues. Green and brown eyes look great with red tones such as lavender, violet, and pink. Yellow-based skin tones generally look better with pastel and dusty purples and pinks while blue-based look best with deep purples and rich violets. 

Bold Liner

Punk rocked the runway this season with bold black liner that could be seen from the back of the room. Max Mara's introduced thick bold cat-eyes while others were seen breaking boundaries with dark liner flaring out above cheekbones.

© Getty Images - Vogue

Black eyeliner is a timeless trend that never seems to go away. The cat-eye looks good on just about every shape and size, opening up and defining the eyes. To recreate this look at home, you can choose a shade of black for your skin tone (yes, there are blue-based blacks and yellow-based blacks). Blue-based black resembles a deep dark blue, while yellow-based black tends to be greener and lighter. 

Red Lips

The classic and timeless red lip was spotted on many runways this season including Chloé, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. Whether they were a powdered matte or hit with a dash of gloss, these sophisticated lips made their statement with highly pigmented and vibrant reds. 


© Getty Images

Using the blue-based yellow-based color system to choose the lipstick that is right for you will accentuate your natural beauty and give you that wow factor, turning heads as well as hearts.

Blue-based reds have cool tones such as crimson and pure burgundy. These reds are inclining more towards purple. 

Yellow-based reds contain more orange/ yellow undertones such as the classic fire truck red and warm red. 

The Glow

At Fashion Week this year glowing skin took center stage as skincare experts took the reigns, performing facials backstage before the makeup chair. This created fresh dewy appearances we love to imitate.

© Jamie Stoker / Getty - Vogue

For that freshly pampered and steamed look, perform a solid skincare routine before applying your foundation. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser, and then exfoliate to expunge old skin cells. Put a hot towel on your face for a few minutes or hover over a bowl of hot water to open your pores and rejuvenate your skin. Pat dry your face before applying your moisturizer. Apply noncomedogenic topicals like Oxygenetix Hydro Matrix to deliver powerful hydration throughout the day. Apply your foundation before your moisturizer seeps fully into your skin or mix both topicals together for an application that is sure to shine. 

Using the correct foundation shade makes all the difference when creating a healthy glow. Formulator Barry Knapp utilized the blue-based yellow-based color system when creating the Oxygenetix Foundation shades. There are 7 blue-based shades (Pearl, Ivory, Taupe, Walnut, Coco, Ebony, & Mahogany) and 7 yellow-based shades (Opal, Creme, Beige, Almond, Honey, Tawny, & Chakra). You can color match at home using our sampler cards available on our website. 

We hope you enjoy creating Fashion Week makeup looks at home. By using the colors that are right for your skin tone, you will be runway ready in no time!


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