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Article: 5 Halloween Skincare Tips To Prevent Post-Party Breakouts

5 Halloween Skincare Tips To Prevent Post-Party Breakouts
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5 Halloween Skincare Tips To Prevent Post-Party Breakouts

This Halloween don't let your spooky makeup look wreck your skin! Whether you are doing a full face skull look or keeping it simple, taking care of your skin is important to avoid post-halloween breakouts and irritation. 

Keep reading for our top tips to avoid post-party blemishes this Halloween!

Use an Oxygenating Base

Choosing a breathable, healthy base is one of the most important ways to keep your skin in check. Your foundation and concealer are the products that are closest to your skin after your moisturizer, so choose wisely and make sure you test the makeup on your skin before your big night out. 

With Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix as primer and Oxygenating Foundation and Concealer as your base, you will be taken care of all throughout Halloween and beyond! All Oxygenetix products are aloe vera based and promote oxygen to the skin which helps with fighting bacteria and preventing breakouts. 

If you already have acne prone skin and want to treat your blemishes all night, check out our Acne Control Hydro-Matrix and Foundation. With Salicylic Acid and the same patented formula as our Oxygenating products, Acne Control will help your skin fight acne causing bacteria all day. 

Test Makeup Before Halloween

It is important to test makeup on your skin before Halloween night. There's nothing worse than spending a lot of time on a killer makeup look to only feel irritated and itchy all night. The best way to do this is put a small amount of product on your wrist and leave it there for as long as you would normally. If you don't have any irritation, you should be good to wear it on your face. 

Use Non-Comedogenic Pigments

Theater makeup is traditionally very oily and can clog your pores. Take caution when choosing thick pigments, especially if you are acne prone already. 

Look for pigments and makeup that is non-comedogenic. Spending more money but getting better quality is worth it to protect your skin from potential damage. 

If you are using eyeshadow on your face, make sure your base is solid to avoid getting the loose pigments in your pores. Oxygenetix products will act as a protective barrier and will help the pigment stay longer as well. 

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Night

Staying hydrated is not only important for our overall health and well being, but also for our skin. While moisturizing is the most important thing to keep your moisture barrier in tact, your skin cells need internal fluids to function properly. 

If you are sucking down spooky cocktails try and drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. 

Even if you are just sticking to candy Halloween night, sugar can dehydrate you so stay hydrated!

Don't Skip Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

At the end of Halloween night it can be tempting to grab those makeup wipes, quickly take off your makeup and go to bed. This however does not get all the dirt and bacteria off your face, especially if you have caked on the pigments. 

Take the extra five minutes to do a full skincare routine. Your skin will thank you!

Make sure to double cleanse, or triple cleanse if needed. The first cleanse simply takes the makeup off while the second cleanse is there to really get into those pores and clean the skin itself. 

Use a serum to lock in some antioxidants or needed moisture. There are many options here. Choose something that you think your skin needs most and stay consistent with it. 

Moisturize to seal in all the good you just did for your skin and protect your delicate skin barrier all night. We recommend Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix or Acne Control Hydro-Matrix for the ultimate protection and moisture. 

Get your Oxygenetix products today and be prepared for Halloween night! 

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