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Article: 5 Ways Oxygenating Foundation Makes the Season Bright

5 Ways Oxygenating Foundation Makes the Season Bright

5 Ways Oxygenating Foundation Makes the Season Bright

Ring in the New Year with our award-winning Oxygenating Foundation! 

1. Combat the winter climate

As the winter season brings a change in climate our skin can become dry, creating a weathered appearance. Oxygenating Foundation contains an aloe vera gel base providing multiple skincare benefits. Aloe vera not only combats summer sunburns but also tackles winter windburns! Aloe vera is comprised of compounds that can reduce inflammation often seen in psoriasis and acne-prone skin. Aloe vera is super hydrating, giving a boost in the skin’s elasticity, calming and soothing chafing of the skin. 

2. Handle holiday stress

From corporate parties, school events, shopping, and holiday feasts the holidays can be a stressful time and our faces surely show it! Let’s all pause for a moment and take a breath. Oxygenating Foundation changes the makeup game by allowing the skin to breathe. This powerplay breathable foundation acts as a second skin. Oxygenetix patented Ceravitae® (found in all Oxygenetix products) promotes the skin’s rapid cellular turnover performance. Oxygenating Foundation enhances the skin’s natural processes, so the stress of the holidays doesn’t show on your face!

3. Be camera-ready

From pictures with Santa to family moments, you will look flawless wearing the “must-have” foundation used by Hollywood talent and top models on the runway. Oxygenating Foundation has the ability to withstand demanding hours on set. Along with being water and transfer-resistant, Oxygenating Foundation provides long-lasting coverage ensuring you are camera ready at all times! 

Oxygenating Foundation has a smooth application that blends impeccably onto the skin. The beauty of the Oxygenating Foundation is that it allows buildable layers for desired coverage while achieving a flawless finish without looking cakey. 

For those coastal beach family photos, Oxygenating Foundation provides an SPF 30 titanium dioxide physical sunscreen that does not disrupt your appearance when photographed, unlike many other traditional makeups containing zinc oxide which create a washed-out appearance. Wearing Oxygenating Foundation this season will keep you picture perfect!

4. Travel with ease 

We travel to all corners of the earth during the holidays. Traveling with Oxygenating Foundation is a breeze! Our foundation is packaged in a 15 ml airless pump bottle making it “carry on approved” and so convenient to touch up after a long flight. As an added bonus check out our Hydro Matrix to replenish moisture loss back into the skin. Season travelers don’t leave home without it! Flaunt your holiday glow down the airport runway this season!

5. Give the gift of a holiday glow! 

Oxygenating Foundation makes the perfect gift this season. With a full list of clean natural ingredients, Oxygenating Foundation is ideal for all skin types and ages. Additionally, Oxygenetix products are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation is an ideal gift for those struggling with challenged skin due to its ability to unclog pores. Containing 2 % salicylic acid, Acne Control treats blackheads and whiteheads gently while camouflaging undesired redness and pimples, allowing your teens to go back to school or return to the boardroom with confidence!

Treat your loved ones to a healthy makeup option that enhances the wellbeing and appeal of their skin. 

Happy Holidays from the Oxygenetix team! Thank you for reading our blog today. 


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