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Article: Air Pollution and Your Skin

Air Pollution and Your Skin

Air Pollution and Your Skin

Living in an urban area, air pollution is a fact of life. With the development of urban environments, automobiles, and modern materials, the air we breathe has become satiated with toxic particles. Over time, these nanoparticles and toxic fumes impact our skin. As our skin fights to protect us, it goes into oxidative stress, which starts to deplete our antioxidant defenses. This translates to genetic damage, premature aging, and skin conditions. By becoming aware of how air pollution affects us we can better prepare to prevent further damage.

Air Pollutants to be Aware of

In Urban Areas with traffic and construction pollution, the air is full of damaging particles. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) are made from about 100 chemicals that are most often released into the atmosphere through the burning or combustion of materials. These include but are not limited to, automobile exhaust, diesel fumes, pesticides, dyes, the production of plastic and tobacco smoke. These have been known to cause skin aging, skin pigmentation, cancers, and acne.

The hazardous solid and liquid particles that are suspended in the air are known as particulate matter. Factories, power plants, automobiles, construction activities, fires, and windblown dust all contribute to particulate matter. High traffic areas are particularly prone to a high amount of particulate matter in the air. Not only do we breathe in particulate matter, but it also penetrates our skin and our hair follicles which can increase skin inflammation and create skin pigmentation.

Nitrogen oxides are also found heavily in traffic zones and have been known to increase the rate of eczema and hives.

Cigarette smoke is another significant air pollutant, causing many health issues including premature aging, skin wrinkling, and skin discolorations.


Protect Your Skin

By taking precautionary measures we can combat the effects air pollution has on our skin. We can join the movement for cleaner air by carpooling and using eco-friendly products. Every small effort counts in our quest for environmental protection. Avoid high traffic and high air pollution areas. Visit to view the air quality index of our cities and how much of each pollutant is present. With this knowledge, we can limit outdoor exposure when air quality is highly compromised. Use indoor air ventilators to cleanse the air we breathe throughout the day. Plants in and around the home will also improve air quality and provide a beautiful aesthetic!

Use high-quality skincare products that contain non-toxic ingredients. Topical antioxidants such as vitamins C and E do wonders to combat free radicals. Oxygenetix Hydro Matrix acts as a barrier to outside pollutants. While providing needed hydration, the breathable silica mesh acts as a second skin, protecting against environmental toxins. All Oxygenetix products allow the skin to breathe while protecting compromised skin.


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