Cosmechix: The First Millennial Podcast for Cosmetic Enhancements

Cosmechix: The First Millennial Podcast for Cosmetic Enhancements

Did you know that nearly every beauty icon of the millennial generation has had cosmetic enhancements in one form or another? 

What we see from our favorite celebrities on social media platforms and in advertising can be misleading. Most of these socialites have gone through minor and sometimes major surgical and non-surgical enhancements. On top of this, the photos we see and aspire to imitate are often highly edited showcasing unrealistic beauty. 

Until now there hasn't been a platform for Millenials to learn the honest truth about surgical and non-surgical enhancements so they can make educated decisions about their own bodies.

This is what inspired two Australian girls in their early 20's to unveil the extensive world of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements.

Katelin Gregg and Ella James co-host a podcast fittingly named 'Cosmechix'. Each week they invite listeners to learn with them, as they talk to some of the leading experts in the beauty industry and gain insights from people who have had cosmetic enhancements.


Cosmechix has gained a lot of attention since launching in February of this year (2020). Bringing their wit and charm to each episode, Katelin and Ella are as entertaining as they are informative. 

They have already covered a variety of topics ranging from skincare to breast augmentation and are dedicated to bringing awareness to the uglier side of the cosmetic industry as well. In an episode on Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) with Dr. Jack Zoumaras, Cosmechix brought awareness to the mental health aspect of cosmetic enhancements. Cosmechix is taking the taboo out of the equation and we all look forward to future episodes. 

Cosmechix recently interviewed Kort Pearson, Oxygenetix CEO, and Sophia Knapp from the Oxygenetix team, in two informative episodes delving into the beautiful world of Oxygenetix and the blue-based/ yellow-based color system. 

Episode 21b: Oxygenetix with Kort Pearson

Kort Pearson & Cosmechix Podcast Interview

Episode 21: Oxygenetix Foundation with Sophia Knapp

Sophia Knapp & Cosmechix Interview

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