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Article: Interview with DermaSweep: Life Unfiltered Can Be Beautiful

Interview with DermaSweep: Life Unfiltered Can Be Beautiful

Interview with DermaSweep: Life Unfiltered Can Be Beautiful

The health of your skin is the first thing you see when you look into the mirror and the first thing you notice when you engage face to face with others. Both men and women are seeking ways to correct their skin imperfections whether it be from sun damage, scarring, sagging skin, large pore reduction, and more. Luckily for us in this modern era of aesthetics, skin-resurfacing solutions such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and micro-needling offer a multitude of benefits to restore skin health and vibrancy. 

The aesthetics community offers a plethora of skin-resurfacing options and we oftentimes find ourselves overwhelmed with so many choices. It’s important to choose a system that has proven credibility amongst the medical technicians and patients along with successful results. 

DermaSweep is one of the leading skin-resurfacing systems making headway the marketplace. We recently sat down with DermaSweep trainer and territory manager, Laura Hunnewell, LE, to learn more about this innovative technology.

What sets DermaSweep apart from other skin-resurfacing systems?

“DermaSweep is different in that the tips that we use are a nylon bristle brush. Nylon bristles are tolerated better by the skin than a plastic or diamond tip that may be more abrasive. When someone has more sensitive skin or mild rosacea we can actually do the treatment without an issue. 

DermaSweep claims to be the only resurfacing device of its kind on the market to be able to safely treat the eye area. Laura explains, “We can reduce the suction and go around the eye area without it causing any kind of streaking or damage.”

What does the DermaSweep treatment look like?

“We start off with a cleansing of the skin to prepare it for the treatment. The first step is a dry sweeping done with the suction and nylon bristle tip. Depending on your skin type we would use a black tip for sensitive skin, green tip for medium skin, yellow for coarse, and red for super coarse. So we can choose how aggressive we want to be with the skincare treatment.”

DermaSweep treatments are customized for each individual with paraben-free infusions that target specific skincare concerns with cutting edge ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and Hyaluronic Acid for optimal skin rejuvenation.

“When we deliver the infusion portion we are pushing the serum into the skin  with a silk fiber tip which is soft and feels very good.”

What does your post-procedure protocol look like?

“You need more protection from the elements since we are removing the stratum corneum and then rebuilding your barrier, so it’s important to follow the steps for good post-care.

Because we don’t have our own skincare brand we are always looking at incorporating other brands into the treatments. Myself being an esthetician I have a lot of products to choose from but I typically like something that has some Hyaluronic acid or a light moisturizer.

I love putting Oxygenetix Hydro Matrix on after a treatment because it has an aloe base. Aloe is a humectant so it helps to bind moisture to the skin. By doing that we are calming down the skin and binding the moisture. I really like using Oxygenetix moisturizer than applying the Foundation on top. Sometimes I do a little eye cream around the eye too.”

How long does it take to see results?

“Results are immediate. I usually see a result immediately in most people. Someone who’s a little bit more sensitive might hold on to a little bit of a pink or sunburned look but it dissipates quickly. 

The results last for days. People will wake up the next morning and sometimes I’ll get a text saying, ‘Wow, my skin really looks amazing today’. Doing DermaSweep regularly you will see a difference in your tone, texture, or just overall balance. If you have an issue like breakouts and blackheads it really helps clear the pores.”

How often can someone have a DermaSweep treatment?

“You can get it done every two weeks to correct a problem. We usually recommend once a month for maintenance, unless they have a specific issue to correct or repair.”

What is the number one benefit from a DermaSweep procedure?

“The DermaSweep gives a great overall boost for skin health. It’s like a fitness routine for your face. With DermaSweep you’re keeping your skin healthy and happy by balancing your skin. It really evens the tone out.”

Where can someone find a DermaSweep near them?

“On our website,, you can look to see where the providers are in your area.”

To learn more about the revolutionary DermaSweep system visit 

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