Underpainting is One of Our Favorite Makeup Trends of 2023

Underpainting is One of Our Favorite Makeup Trends of 2023


Underpainting has taken the internet by storm. Like many makeup trends that sweep the interwebs, underpainting has become a TIK TOK and beauty magazine sensation.

Underpainting is essentially putting your makeup on backwards! So why do people love it so much? 

Achieving seamlessly blended base makeup has never been easier than it is with this year's viral technique, and we are here for it! Underpainting works especially well with liquid foundations like Oxygenetix Oxygenating and Acne Control Foundations since you can layer with ease. The best part? Oxygenetix foundations won't clog your pores and feel like wearing nothing at all.

Keep reading to learn how you can achieve this flawless makeup look on yourself!

HOW TO: Underpainting

Popularized by makeup artist Mary Phillips, underpainting is essentially putting your makeup on backwards! To Mary, it just makes more sense. 

You begin this look by applying your contour and concealer first. You can use an Oxygenetix foundation shade a few shades darker than the one you usually wear to apply your contour first. Apply this darker shade in areas that you want to make appear chiseled and have a sunkissed glow. Oxygenetix NEW Concealer Brush, Slanted Precision, is a great choice to achieve this look since it is the perfect size and shape for contouring.

Next you apply your Oxygenetix Oxygenating Concealer (which should be a shade or two lighter than your normal foundation shade) to your undereyes and other areas you want to lighten, like the bridge of your nose. You can use your concealer brush again or sanitized fingers to apply your concealer.

Once your contour and concealer are applied you put your Oxygenetix foundation over the top with the Oxygenetix Foundation Brush, Smooth Finish, for a seamless look without harsh lines.

Watch how Mary does it in her viral TIK TOK below.


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