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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 3: Your Face

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 3: Your Face

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 3: Your Face

From cleaning your makeup products to sanitizing your makeup tools, The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Sanitation Parts 1, and 2 covered the most effective ways to clean and sanitize everything in your makeup kit.  

Staying on top of your makeup kit sanitation game will do wonders for your skin, but there are some additional ways to keep your skin protected when applying your makeup.

From how to prepare for your makeup applications to best practices when sharing makeup with your homies, we cover it all here in part 3: Your Face.

The Prep Step

You roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and splash some cold water on your face. Do you start doing your makeup right away? 

A step that is commonly overlooked during our morning routines is a quick face cleansing before applying our foundation. 

As we sleep our skin is subject to debris and bacteria from our pillowcases and bedding. Leaving bacteria on your face underneath any kind of makeup can wreak havoc on your skin's delicate dermis. 

Although your Oxygenating Foundation is breathable and non-comedogenic, with extraordinary skincare ingredients, you should still prep and clean your skin before application.

Wash your face

How to prep your skin for makeup:

1 - CLEANSE. Wash your hands and cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser of your choice. If you have makeup on your face from the day before, cleanse twice to ensure all the product is removed. A great way to double cleanse is to use an oil cleanser to help remove the makeup, followed by a second cleanser to deeply clean the skin.

2 - TONE. Dab your favorite toner all over your face, focusing on problem areas such as blemishes. Toner will help tighten your pores and remove excess oil and debris from your skin.

3 - PRIME. Moisturize and prime your skin depending on the type of finish you are trying to achieve. For a more dewy look, you can gently dab face oil all over your skin before your Hydro-Matrix. Hydro-Matrix is the perfect primer for Oxygenating Foundation as it plumps the skin with Hyaluronic Acid and PCA. It smooths the canvas for a flawless finish. If you prefer a more matte look, allow your Hydro-Matrix to set before applying your Oxygenating Foundation.

Make sure your makeup brushes and sponges are clean and ready to use before you apply your makeup. To learn how to best clean your tools, read The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 2 - Your Tools.

When You're Sick

Avoid using your makeup altogether if you have a communicable disease and have a cough, fever, cold sore, etc. You can populate your makeup with all kinds of bad bacteria that could harm you in the future. 

If you must wear makeup when you're sick, dispense products with disposable applicators such as spatulas, Q-Tips, or popsicle sticks and avoid double-dipping.

makeup spatula

Sharing Makeup with Friends

You may feel safe sharing clothing and jewelry with your bestie but you may want to think twice before sharing your makeup with them. 

It can be hard to refrain from passing over your lipstick when asked but sharing makeup can pose health hazards for both of you. You can harbor an illness for days before showing symptoms, and your makeup may not be fully sanitized all the time.

Friends doing makeup

Sharing Makeup Guidelines:

• Don't share makeup that can't be fully sanitized for interpersonal use such as mascara, lipgloss, and liquid eyeliner. 

• Avoid sharing any lippies, but if you are sharing lipstick, you can remove the first layer gently with a tissue before and after use. 

• Sharpen lipliner or eye pencils and spray with isopropyl alcohol before swapping. 

• Use your own brushes when possible or make sure your friend's brush has been cleaned and sanitized thoroughly and not used since.

• Avoid touching any applicators to your face, especially when sharing with friends.

Expired Makeup

Pay attention to how long you hold on to makeup products. All makeup has an expiration date. Be on the lookout for changes in appearance, texture, and smell of your products. If you notice anything odd it's best to toss it and get a new one.

Your Oxygenetix Foundation and Hydro-Matrix have their expiration dates on the bottom of the bottles. 

That wraps up the Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation. We hope you learned something new!

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 you can read them here:

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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 2: The Tools


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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 2: The Tools

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 2: The Tools

Keeping your makeup kit clean and sanitized will lengthen the lives of your tools while keeping your skin free from bacteria.

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