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Article: The Water-Resistant Foundation You Need For This Blazing Heat

The Water-Resistant Foundation You Need For This Blazing Heat

The Water-Resistant Foundation You Need For This Blazing Heat

On days like this with a high of 95 Farenheight and over 50% humidity, keeping your complexion looking good all day can be a challenge. Say hello to sweat beads and blot papers.

This level of moisture on your face really becomes a problem when your makeup can't take the heat. Blotchy and melting foundation is a look even Kim Kardashian can't pull off.

Luckily, Oxygenetix has the water-resistant foundation you need in your beach bag, gym bag, and in this scorching heat.

From blazing trail runners to fierce Olympic swimmers, professional athletes take Oxygenetix to the finish line.

Oxygenetix water-resistant formulations are loved by swimmers including Spanish Olympic, world, and European champion swimmer Mireia Belmonte who is the first female Olympic champion in the history of Spanish swimming.

Will there ever be a foundation that is worthy of a gold medal? According to competitive trail runner, Pamela Price, "I applied the foundation at 5:00AM, raced at 8:00AM, crossed the finish line finishing First Place female (beating my 10k record, 1:01:19) just over an hour later and my skin looked crystal clear and fully covered long after I got my medal! Dust, sun, etc.... it didn't matter with the foundation's protection."

We can all agree with the importance of sweating for our skin's health and our body's cooling system. Oxygenetix water-resistant formulations allow your skin to sweat naturally while the foundation stays put.

There's nothing better than jumping in the pool or taking a dip in the ocean on a hot summer day. With a wear time of up to 90 minutes in water, Oxygenetix foundations protect your skin and keep you covered while you float on. 

A Swimmer's Perspective

As a blog writer, I pull from other's experiences to showcase the points I'm making, but this time I also want to give you my personal perspective. I put the Oxygenetix Foundation to the test and I am excited to share with you what I experienced.

Before the pools closed due to quarantine, I had started swimming laps, and it has become one of my favorite ways to workout. Now that pools have reopened 5 months later, I jumped at the chance to take a swim with giddy excitement.

I applied my Acne Control Foundation in shade Ivory as I usually would in the morning. I skipped the mascara and headed straight to the pool. 

After applying my Oxygenetix Foundation on my face, all I had to do was put sunscreen on the rest of my bod and I was ready for laps. 

I set up my camera, put on my swim cap and goggles, and jumped in. The first few laps are always the hardest. 

I swam lap after lap, and after a few minutes decided to take a look at my skin. It was amazing to me how little foundation had gotten on the goggles and I was impressed on how the foundation stayed put with no smudges or runoff.


I continued to swim until I just couldn't any longer, for a total of 44 minutes. During this time my face was fully submerged in the water about 75% of the time. 

I got out of the pool, chugged some water, and looked at the results. I was awed at how beautiful my skin still looked. The areas of discolorations were still camouflaged, and the even texture of the foundation still intact. 

In fact, it seemed as if the foundation had set even more onto my skin, and I could tell it wasn't going anywhere any time soon. 

Oxygenetix Foundations act like a second skin and maintain breathability. It's as if you're wearing nothing at all, just your own natural beauty!

Oxygenetix is the winner of all foundations and has you covered through all of life's activities. 


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