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Article: Why is Traditional Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

Why is Traditional Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

Why is Traditional Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

Ever wonder why skin care professionals advise against wearing makeup? We never hear about “why” makeup is bad we just hear “that it is”. Therefore it is easier to dismiss the warnings because we are not educated on the “why”. 

Until now, there has never been a makeup foundation that actually offers skincare benefits and allows the skin to breathe. Introducing this revolution begins with educating why makeup is not skin friendly and how Oxygenetix has changed the game. 

Occlusive Makeup 

Traditional makeup including mineral makeup and luxury brands are all occlusive, meaning they don’t allow your skin to breathe. This is a leading cause of skin challenges and overtime compounds the problem. Most skincare professionals advise their patients against wearing makeup, saying “makeup has non-friendly skin ingredients”.

Cosmetic brands avoid this topic largely because most cosmetics are made with water and oil. Cosmetics made with water and oil require preservatives. The preservatives used are petroleum based, blocking ambient air, stifling cellular renewal and preventing any beneficial ingredients in skincare products from ever penetrating to the skin cells.

Skin Needs to Breathe

When makeup occludes the skin, the pores become enlarged as they gasp desperately for air. These large pores harbor bacteria causing acne and irritation. Our skin is a living organism just like a plant. A plant needs oxygen and moisture to survive. If you were to put a plant in an enclosed box it would quickly begin to deteriorate. Wearing occlusive makeup is like putting your face in the same enclosed box and praying it will survive. Over time the stress on your skin cells creates premature aging and a myriad of skin conditions. 

Regardless of the medical advice, most feel they can’t leave the house without makeup to cover their acne, redness, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and more. Walking out the front door with no makeup is a task most can’t do, even if it means the path to worsening skin. Finally, there is a solution backed by medical professionals and makeup artists alike.

The Oxygenetix Difference

Oxygenetix is an industry disruptor. Unlike traditional makeup, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is air permeable, with a breathable matrix allowing oxygen uptake to the skin cells. Coupled with all natural ingredients, you can camouflage your skin safely. In fact, Oxygenetix is used as a post-procedure topical immediately following most cosmetic procedures and has been shown to support compromised skin. With added Ceravitae® pro-oxygen complex, all Oxygenetix topicals support the natural renewal and regeneration of skin cells. Additionally, Oxygenetix is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and free of unpronounceable chemical ingredients. 

Whether you have a skin condition or sensitivity, are recovering from cosmetic surgery, or want to maintain your healthy skin, Oxygenetix is the ideal choice. 

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