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Article: 3 Reasons You Need to Wear Foundation Every Day

3 Reasons You Need to Wear Foundation Every Day

3 Reasons You Need to Wear Foundation Every Day

You need to wear foundation every day.

Yeah, we aren't kidding.

This may be a foreign concept for you, and you've probably been told the opposite your whole life. 

Maybe you can't wait to take your makeup off at the end of a long day and look forward to those weekend no-makeup days.

This is because you've been wearing the wrong foundation.

Here's why you need to start wearing Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation every day.


There are a plethora of pollutants wreaking havoc on your skin every day. You may not be able to see these tiny particles of mayhem, but they are there. And they mean business. 

The air that surrounds you is full of particles from car emissions, construction sites, factories, power plants, fires, and windblown dust, especially if you live in a highly populated city. Your home is even full of particulate matter that you can't see.

Air pollution penetrates your skin and hair follicles, which can increase inflammation and create skin pigmentation, irritations, and skin disorders like eczema. 

Getting proper air filtration in your home definitely helps, but you need more to protect your skin's fragile barrier.

Apply your Oxygenetix Foundation for a "second skin" protective barrier. While allowing your skin to breathe with its non-comedogenic formula, Oxygenetix Foundations keep harmful particles off your delicate skin.



You may accidentally touch your face throughout the day, or have a toddler who loves to put their hands on you. Perhaps you put your phone up to your face to talk to someone, or your hair gets in your face. However it happens, bacteria gets on your skin each day.

Bacteria can get in your pores creating whiteheads and blackheads. This creates a breeding ground for acne and skin conditions.

In order to prevent bacteria growth on your skin, wear Oxygenetix foundation each day. Made with Ceravitae® to supercharge the skin with oxygen, it prevents bacteria from spreading.

Cellular Renewal

Some makeup works against you, clogging your pores and harboring bacteria. If you've ever broken out after a long day in full makeup, then you know what I'm talking about. 

This is the Oxygenetix difference. Wearing Oxygenetix Foundations is better than wearing nothing at all. 

With patented Ceravitae®, a pro-oxygen complex, Oxygenetix Foundations promote cellular renewal at a rapid pace. As your skin sheds dead skin cells quicker, brand new, youthful cells can come to the surface. This makes you look bright and glowing like you've just had a facial.

The formula is also working hard against free radicals which age your skin. With an aloe vera base full of skincare ingredients, Oxygenetix topicals are improving your skin as you wear them.

These revolutionary foundations take care of your skin, so you can simplify your skincare routine and breathe easy knowing Oxygenetix has you covered.


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