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Article: Why Your Makeup Won't Stay and How to Have a Look That Lasts

Why Your Makeup Won't Stay and How to Have a Look That Lasts

Why Your Makeup Won't Stay and How to Have a Look That Lasts

Are you tired of your makeup not staying put throughout the day? It's a common frustration, but fear not – there are ways to combat this issue. In this blog post, we'll explore the top reasons why your makeup may not stay on your face and offer practical solutions to help you achieve a long-lasting, flawless look.

Choose the Right Foundation

Selecting the right foundation is crucial to have a makeup look that lasts all day. One of the top reasons Oxygenetix Oxygenating and Acne Control Foundations are so loved by makeup artists is that they are long-lasting, staying put until you wash them off. They are even sweat proof and water resistant up to 90 minutes. Made with an aloe base instead of water or oil is better for your skin and also makes Oxygenetix foundations more durable. 

Skin Prep is Essential

Properly preparing your skin will help your makeup look better and last longer. Begin with a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. 

Embrace the Power of Primer

Don't skip the primer! A good makeup primer can create a seamless surface for makeup, helping it adhere better and last longer. Make sure to choose a primer that won't clog your pores and works well with your skin type. To pair with your Oxygenetix Foundation, use Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix as the ideal moisturizer/ makeup primer duo to keep your skin plumped and moisturized all day long.

Thin Layers Are Key

Applying too much makeup can lead to cakiness or makeup that slides off. Build your makeup in thin layers, adding more as needed to achieve your desired coverage.

When using Oxygenetix Foundation gently tap the product onto your skin and wait about 60 seconds in between layers for full coverage. The good news is you can layer Oxygenetix as needed without losing breathability and skincare benefits!

Set It in Place

Setting your makeup with a translucent setting powder or setting spray can significantly enhance its longevity. These products help control excess oil and lock makeup in place. Word of caution: try not to use these products too often as they can clog your pores and cause breakouts. We recommend using setting powders and sprays for big events and sticking to breathable makeup daily.

Hands Off!

Constantly touching your face can transfer oils and cause makeup to smudge or wear off. Resist the temptation to touch your face throughout the day. 

Check for Compatibility

Some makeup products may not work well together, leading to separation or uneven wear. Ensure your products are compatible and allow each layer to set before applying the next. A good rule of thumb is to use makeup together that has the same texture whether it's liquid, cream, or powder. Powder can be layered on top but should always be the last step.

Blot Excess Oil

For those with oily skin, blotting papers can be a lifesaver. Keep them on hand to absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Remove Makeup Thoroughly

At the end of the day, make sure to remove your makeup thoroughly. Leaving residue on your skin can affect the next day's application. Use a reliable makeup remover followed by a gentle cleanser.

With these tips in your makeup arsenal, you can confidently face the day knowing that your makeup will stay put. Experiment with different products and techniques to find the perfect combination that suits your unique needs and preferences. Say goodbye to makeup meltdowns and hello to long-lasting beauty!

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