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Article: The Best Foundations for Every Skin Type

The Best Foundations for Every Skin Type

The Best Foundations for Every Skin Type

Finding the best foundation for your complexion can seem like an impossible task. Do you want full coverage or light coverage? Matte or dewy? A cool or warm undertone? And what’s the best way of finding your perfect shade when there’s such an overwhelming amount of choice?

The correct foundation formula can make doing your make-up a quicker and infinitely more pleasurable endeavour – there is something about truly radiant skin that makes additional make-up seem almost superfluous – and after a year in which many of us skipped wearing make-up altogether, now is the time to find the perfect formula for you. From concealing imperfections and smoothing skin tone, to creating the most flawless finish as a brilliant canvas for the rest of your make-up, the right foundation really is the main character in your beauty bag.

When it comes to finding yours, consider your personal priorities before you shop. Do you prefer dewy radiance, or more of a velvet-matte finish? A full-coverage formula to keep you looking your best all day long, or a sheer wash of colour for a barely-there look that’s more tint than foundation? Or both? Who says you can’t have a whole wardrobe of foundation products to suit your every need?

Just as important is how best to apply them. Again, personal preference plays a part. A primer can smooth, blur fine lines and help foundation to stay on longer, so it’s a good first port of call, and there’s also the option of layering hydrating skincare beneath your foundation to create a dewier effect. Depending on the finish you’re after, consider the application method: fingers are great to create a natural finish as they warm the formula into the skin, while make-up brushes help blend seamlessly. Make-up artist Dom Skinner also has a brilliant trick for getting two finishes out of one foundation formula: mix heavy coverage formulas with a face mist to impart a lighter finish when you want one.

Here, we’ve chosen the best foundation formulas that meet the needs of a wide variety of skin types, colours and concerns. Discover Vogue’s selection of the best foundation below. 

Best foundation for oily skin

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation
Image may contain Cosmetics and Lipstick

For particularly reactive or highly blemish-prone skin, there is no better foundation than Oxygenetix. Forget the rather un-sexy packaging, this imparts an even, second-skin finish, plus it’s non-comedogenic and oil-and-fragrance free, meaning it literally only does what it was made to do: make your skin look good.



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