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influencer ambassador


  1. Earn Commission
  2. Give your referrals discounts


Thank you for applying to be part of the Oxygenetix Affiliate Program. We look forward to having you on the Oxygenetix Team to help spread the word that makeup can actually be good for you.

Oxygenetix is the world's #1 most breathable foundation, covering and soothing multiple skin conditions, injuries, wounds, rashes, acne, rosacea, and more. Post-procedure, patients can rest assured that their aftercare treatment conceals evidence of laser, peel, or injection.

Even though it was designed for professionals, Oxygenetix is now the go-to product for many A-list celebrities, helping them look their best on and off-screen. Now, Oxygenetix is gaining popularity with everyday consumers, so that they can do the same. Why wear pore-clogging oil or mineral makeup when you can wear a healthy, beautiful, breathable, vegan, cruelty-free and skin-nourishing alternative that stays on all day with little to no touch-up.

We look forward to having you spread the love by sharing the benefits of Oxygenetix with your friends, family, and followers. In return, you will earn a commission on their purchases. It’s a win/win, with great skin for all.

Influencer Ambassador Perks:

1. A percentage commission when first-time referrals successfully make a purchase using your link (percentage of purchase price, before taxes & shipping and after applied discounts).

2. Give your referrals a discount on their first-time purchase!

3. Once approved as an affiliate, depending upon referral volume, you may also be in the running to receive free products.

Commission& Business Details:

Online purchase with processed valid payment

30 days

Percent of Sale