Facial Steaming: Tips & Tricks

Facial Steaming: Tips & Tricks

Facial steaming is standard protocol for most skin care professionals performing facial treatments and is a great one to adopt into your skincare regimen! This relaxing technique holds many benefits for cleansing and refreshing the skin, and you can easily do it from the comfort of your own home.


Clean Out Pores

Steaming is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin, as the heat loosens dirt and debris from clogged pores. As the pores open up, they are more easily cleaned out.

Improve Product Absorption

Open pores also absorb beneficial ingredients in products more easily, ensuring you are getting the most out of those high-end skincare products you’ve invested in. 

Improves Circulation

Facial steaming also promotes blood circulation, which can improve skin healing time and overall health.


Steaming is great for skin types that can handle it. However, those with sensitive skin or rosacea should look to other methods of skincare. Rachel Nazarian told Marie Claire, “The heat that you’re exposing your skin to causes dilation of blood vessels—leading to flushing, increased inflammation, and worsening of conditions like rosacea.” 

Facial steaming should be performed once a week AT MOST. There are varied opinions from professionals, but the common consensus is that steaming too often can create dry skin as natural oils that moisturize the skin are stripped away. 

Steaming at the Spa

Estheticians and Dermatologists often use a steamer during facial treatments. Facial steaming is very relaxing, adding to the magic of a spa experience. Steaming also opens the pores and loosens up clogs, assisting in the extraction process. Additionally, masks and topicals are readily absorbed, offering maximum benefits.

Steaming at Home

Follow these simple steps to steam your face at home:

1. Clean your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. This will ensure you get the most out of your facial treatment. 

2. Heat water up on the stove or in a teapot to the point of steaming. Be careful not to splash as you pour the hot water into a large bowl.

3. Hover over the steaming water with a clean towel to trap the steam. Stay at a comfortable distance to avoid overheating. Don’t steam for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. 

4. Once your face is freshly steamed is a great time to use an exfoliant or face mask. 

5. Gently dab toner all over your face, focusing on problem areas. 

6. Apply a moisturizer like Oxygenating Hydro Matrix to replenish moisture loss back into the skin. It is crucial you use products that are non-comedogenic and safe for your skin as your face will be more sensitive to ingredients. 

Happy Steaming!

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