This Is the Exact Foundation That Margot Robbie Swears By

This Is the Exact Foundation That Margot Robbie Swears By

Finding your perfect foundation match is no mean feat. Some are too matte, others too glowy, and some cling to dry skin, while others don’t seem to want to stay put at all. And it’s true that often your base of choice has the power to totally wash out your complexion and even break you out. It’s a situation I know all too well. Often, I think I’ve found a new favorite base, until after a week of using it, my face is plagued with zits.

It’s a sorry fact, but even the best of foundations have a tendency to block pores and cause breakouts. For someone like me who wears just a smattering of foundation on a good day, dealing with foundation-induced breakouts isn’t all that common. But this got me thinking, how do those people who wear foundation morning, noon and night cope? After a bit of digging, I discovered that some of our favorite A-listers have been keeping a major foundation secret.


It turns out that celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Kourtney Kardashian, Elle Macpherson, and Ellie Goulding all use Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation ($76) to achieve a blurred, perfected finish that actually works to treat skin at the same time, minimizing the risk of any breakouts. (Plus, the brand even has separate lines dedicated to different skin undertones—yellow or blue!)

Yes, you read that right. A heavy-duty, full-coverage foundation that won’t break you out exists. Formulated as a post-procedure, breathable foundation, Oxygenetix uses Ceravitae Complex to increase the skin’s oxygen uptake and heal any damage.

So what else makes it a celeb favorite besides the fact it won’t break you out? Well, frankly, it really lasts. Because it’s a totally oil-free formula, your base won’t transfer anywhere near as severely as other foundations might.

I can really vouch for it. Since switching out my everyday foundation for Oxygenetix, I can safely say that my skin is in better shape than ever (excusing the odd holiday indulgence–induced zit). It’s by far one of the most natural-looking, heavy-coverage foundations I’ve ever gotten my mitts on. And trust me—I’ve tried a whole bunch.

Keep scrolling to see what the celebrities think of it and to shop the product for yourself.

Margot Robbie


There's no doubt that Margot Robbie's complexion is totally swoon-worthy, and it seems that her choice in foundation could have a role to play in keeping it that way. As reported by Daily Mail, she is a big fan of Oxygenetix. And if Margot is on board, then it must be special. 

Kourtney Kardashian


While she might be a big fan of all-natural and organic beauty products, that's not to say that everything Kourtney Kardashian puts on her face is home-grown. In a video made for Vogue, the reality star revealed, "One of the things I learnt when I was getting my skin in check, was that people would do my makeup and everyone would use different foundations. So I started making everyone use this foundation that I love because it's healthy for your skin."

Elle Macpherson


Ever wondered what the secret behind Elle Macpherson's supermodel skin is? Wonder no more. Speaking to Beauty Crew, she revealed, "I tend to gravitate towards makeup that’s subtle and good for my skin. I am enjoying the Oxygenetix line that is created and used by doctors. Their breathable second skin foundation is beautiful to wear and great for sensitive skin."

Ellie Goulding


It's safe to say that most celebrities rarely touch their own faces with makeup, so often their beauty secrets actually lie in the hands of their makeup artists. When Ellie Goulding's makeup artist, Lucy Wearing, sat down with Get the Gloss, she revealed, “I’ve been using [Oxygenetix] on Ellie a lot recently—it really melts into the skin and doesn’t sit on top. I use a small buffing shadow brush first and then work it into the skin with my hands, blending it into the areas where I want sheer coverage. It looks like skin rather than foundation on skin.” 


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