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Article: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Grooming Routine | Skincare Tips for Men

4 Ways to Maximize Your Grooming Routine | Skincare Tips for Men
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4 Ways to Maximize Your Grooming Routine | Skincare Tips for Men

Skincare shouldn’t be gendered, but for the longest time, skin care products were marketed exclusively toward women, along with makeup and other cosmetics. But that’s all changing now, as more and more men are realizing the benefits of skincare and seeking healthier, younger-looking skin. We couldn’t be more supportive of this shift in attitude, because at Oxygenetix, we believe that everybody should be able to feel happy and confident about their skin.

However, while a lot of men today recognize that skincare isn’t just for women, many don’t know what kinds of products they should be using or even what kinds of products are available to them to help treat different skin conditions. Our line of Oxygenetix products is a great place to start. It features all the essentials that every good skincare routine needs and is effective in treating the most common concerns. We’re breaking down four of our most-loved products, their benefits, and how to incorporate them into a simple and effective skincare routine!


No matter who you are, moisturizing your skin and giving it the hydration it needs is a crucial element of any skincare routine. Our Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix will be your main go-to moisturizer, delivering fast-absorbing hydration that will last you all day. The formula also helps deliver oxygen to your skin and soothes it with an aloe-based gel. Cleanse skin before applying and to face and neck with clean fingertips daily.


Acne is something everyone is familiar with, and while it’s mainly associated with the teen years, it can persist well into adulthood for many. In fact, in one study, 42.5% of men reported experiencing acne in their twenties, and 20.1% reported experiencing it in their thirties. The Acne Control Hydro-Matrix treats troubled skin by providing deep hydration and softening the skin while also exfoliating to help clear pores, fight ingrown hairs, and clear blemishes. Apply to your skin using clean fingertips or a disposable cotton pad at least twice a day.


The first of the more makeup adjacent products, the Oxygenating Foundation helps to give your skin a smoother, more even complexion and acts as a base layer for additional products like concealer. While it’s applied to your entire face, the formula allows your skin to breathe and is so light that it feels like nothing is there. You should always cleanse and moisturize before applying foundation, and just dab it on lightly and blend it evenly across your face using a clean fingertip, makeup sponge, or makeup brush. Remember – less is more. A small drop should be all you need but wait at least a minute for the formula to set before you consider applying more product to your skin.


As the name implies, the Oxygenating Concealer conceals common skin imperfections like acne, rosacea, and dark spots without irritation or clogging up pores. In addition to superior coverage, the product also helps skin build collagen and elastin to boost the health of your skin. Our concealer should be applied to the desired area after you’ve cleansed and moisturized and applied foundation by lightly tapping to blend with a clean fingertip, makeup brush, or makeup sponge.

Men get to be happy and confident in their own skin too, so if you’re just starting to properly care for your skin for the first time, shop our selection of products today!

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