How It All Began

Oxygenetix was born when Barry’s mother had a chemical peel procedure. When his daughters saw their grandmother soon after her procedure, they were frightened by her appearance and could barely look at her. This is when Barry started pondering the idea of medical cosmetics. He wanted to formulate a product that could minimize post procedure downtime, while healing the compromised skin. 

Originally formulated for use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetic professionals, Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a breathable revolution. Oxygenetix Foundation was first formulated as an oxygen-enriched, protective foundation to minimize patients’ scarring, discomfort and social downtime following procedures, but Hollywood makeup artists also discovered that one application of the foundation could last all day and night, even when shooting under harsh studio lights. Not only is Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation used professionally, many consumers have adopted it into their daily cosmetic regimen as it doesn’t damage the skin like other products do. 
Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is the first of its kind, an industry leader in post procedure protocol and the cosmetic marketplace. 

"Oxygenetix is the finest product I have ever produced, and the most effective product available for post-procedure care. I am thrilled that my life-long goal to create the perfect post-procedure foundation has now been realized. Ceravitae™ Complex, the supercharged oxygenating ingredient in our Oxygenating Foundation, reproduces new skin cells, and boosts collagen production and connective tissue growth in aging or compromised skin. Because of the unique properties of Oxygenetix, it is also premium quality skin care – a skin-friendly foundation suitable for daily use." - Barry Knapp

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