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Article: How Models Prepare for NYFW: Behind the Scenes with Oxygenetix

How Models Prepare for NYFW: Behind the Scenes with Oxygenetix

How Models Prepare for NYFW: Behind the Scenes with Oxygenetix

Ever wonder how models prepare for their Fashion Week debuts?

By the time top models enter the excitement backstage, these pros are physically and mentally prepared for fashion's most beloved event.

Oxygenetix joined other beauty and wellness brands behind the scenes to support New York's APM models as they got ready for New York Fashion Week 2020. The ladies were treated to a day of pampering from head to toe at Ice21 on Fifth Avenue. 

Here's a rundown of the luxurious products and pamper services the APM models enjoyed during their pamper day organized by 3dpr Marketing.

Mental preparedness is an important factor in taking care of a model's career. In honor of this, Shay Daisy led a yoga and meditation class for the APM models. 

Ouai gifted bath bombs to continue the relaxation at home.

To tone up for the runway, Ice21 gave the models cryotherapy treatments using cold temperatures to help reduce unwanted fat tissue on chosen body areas. 

UNITE Hair styled the girl's hair using their luxurious styling and finishing products and pro tools. Loose wavy hair was a popular choice amongst the models while others enhanced their beautiful natural curl. Olaplex also gifted their Hair Perfectors, hair conditioning treatments that reduce breakage and visibly strengthen hair.

The models enjoyed a relaxing glow facial from B Young Esthetics and were gifted Zitstickas to help rid pimples in a flash. 

After their skin was prepped and glowing, the ladies were treated to a makeup application to include their perfect shade of Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. Oxygenetix is breathable, maintaining the health of the model's skin before the runway and beyond.

Boxed Water, Pressed Juicery, and Proper Wild provided nourishing beverages to keep the models hydrated. Liquid IV also gifted their hydration packets for an extra boost. 

The APM models walked out of Ice21 glammed, prepped, and ready to take on New York Fashion Week in style!


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