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Article: Cosmetic Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Cosmetic Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Cosmetic Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Are you having a hard time finding gifts for your loved ones this year? It's the most wonderful time of year, but somehow always feels stressful.

This gift guide is designed to point you in the right direction, take out some of the guesswork for you, and lessen the burden as you shop this year. 

First let's set some guidelines on what is and is not appropriate when buying beauty gifts. It can be easy to offend someone even when you have the best intentions.

The Do's and Don'ts of Beauty Gifting

  • Do gift cosmetics you know they will use. If your friend loves lip gloss, get them a sample pack of glosses!
  • Don't offend your loved one with products that say things like "anti-aging" or "wrinkle defense". You're pretty much telling them "hey you're getting older and it shows."
  • Do buy products that have positive wording like "uplifting" or "illuminating".
  • Don't gift acne treatment sets unless they have come to you for help or have it on their wishlist.
  • Do be careful with skincare gifts. Everyone has different sensitivities and skincare needs. 
  • Don't buy the wrong colored cosmetics! If it doesn't match their undertone they won't like it and won't use it.
  • Do opt for clear glosses, or palettes with colors in both spectrums if you don't know what colors they like.
  • Don't buy products that can damage skin or is laden with chemicals.
  • Do purchase non-toxic cosmetics that are safe for the whole family.


These gifts are easy to find online or in retail stores, and are mostly universally loved by beauty lovers of all ages. 

Skincare Gift Set

Take into account the do's and don'ts listed above when purchasing skincare for your friend or family member. 

There are some great skincare gift sets on the market this year! Skincare gift sets are so fun receive because they often come in bright and colorful packaging, and contain multiple products to try. 

Check out the company's About Us page to see how they source ingredients, and what their moral code is when formulating to get a good idea of what you are buying. 

If you don't know your loved one's skin type, get the basic sets that focus on moisturizing and exfoliating the skin. Get hypo-allergenic products so there's less of a chance they'll have a negative reaction.

Look for companies that use terms like vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, clean, natural, and eco-friendly.

Oxygenetix bundles available now! Get your favorite foundation and a 50ml Hydro-Matrix for an unbelievable price. 


Eyeshadows often come in beautiful packaging and make great holiday gifts. There are small eyeshadow palettes that work great as stocking stuffers, and bigger ones that are whole collections of fun colors. 

If you don't know what colors your loved one likes to wear on their eyes, get a palette that has colors in both spectrums (most contain a mix of undertones anyways). 

Makeup Brush Sets

Any makeup lover can always use more makeup brushes. There are fun collections that come in makeup brush holders and bags. 

Body Lotions/ Scrubs

Everyone needs extra moisture for their skin this time of year. Body lotions are welcomed by all, beauty lover or not. 

Sugar scrubs are also great gifts. They exfoliate the skin without drying it out. 

Skincare Tools

If you are weary about getting skincare for someone else, it may be best to go with a skincare tool. There are some amazing gadgets that are easy to find online. 

Here are some skincare tools that are great for anyone:

  • At home electric facial steamer - especially great right now when people are getting professional facials less often.
  • Electric facial cleanser - there's nothing that cleans the face as well as a facial brush. Silicone electric cleansers have gained popularity in the last couple years and last forever.
  • Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Silk absorbs less moisture and debris, so it traps less bacteria and keeps your skin and hair hydrated. 
  • Facial Rollers - available in rose quartz and jade, facial rollers are very therapeutic and great to use in the morning to wake up the face, tighten pores, and relax the jaw.

Oxygenetix Breathable Cosmetics

Do you know someone who has the hardest time finding a foundation they love? Or perhaps you know someone who has really sensitive skin and can never find makeup that suits them. 

Oxygenetix Foundations and Hydro-Matrix are suitable for all skin types. They have extremely gentle formulations and were originally designed for the medical space to be used after skin procedures. 

In the past it was really hard to buy tinted foundation for someone else, but not anymore! Thanks to the Oxygenetix partnership with MIME, there is a new way to the perfect shade for you or a loved one using nothing but your mobile device.

Go to and you will be led through a series of questions and a photo upload. You can take a new photo or use one from your camera roll, making it easy to shade match someone else. The color matching technology will let you know the best shade and you'll be ready to gift breathable beauty to that special someone. 

Happy holidays!


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