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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 1: The Makeup

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 1: The Makeup

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Kit Sanitation Part 1: The Makeup

It's no secret how important it is to keep your makeup tools clean and sanitized. But when's the last time you cleaned off your makeup bottles or sanitized your eyeshadow palettes?

To help you stay protected from harmful bacteria, we have put together a three-part guide to the what, when, and hows of keeping your makeup kit sanitary. 

And this week we are starting with your makeup products. 

Everyday Maintenance

Before we get into deep cleaning your makeup, here are some tips for maintaining cleanliness every day.

Bottles with Pumps or Droppers

Do not touch your face directly with product dispensers to avoid contaminating the entire bottle. If the product you are using pumps out of a tube or has a dropper, don't put the tip directly on your skin. Instead, pump or drop the product onto the back of your clean hand or makeup palette.

 Dos and Donts of product dispensing

Airless Pumps

For products in airless pump bottles, it is crucial you never open the bottle. Exposing the product to air will oxidize the formula and shorten its lifespan.

Airless Pump Oxygenetix

Fortunately, your Oxygenetix products have an airless pump, keeping the product extremely sanitary. DO NOT OPEN the bottle if the product doesn't come out easily. Prime the pump by placing your finger on the tip of the bottle while pumping continuously until you feel the product coming up. If all else fails, poke a safety pin into the tiny hole at the bottom of the bottle. This will push up the inside base to where it should be for the product to come out. 

Products in Jars

Makeup and skincare products that come in jars with lids that screw off and expose the contents can get contaminated very easily. Instead of touching the product with your fingertips, use a Q-Tip, spatula, or popsicle stick. 

Makeup Sanitation


Since eyeliner comes so close to your actual eye, cleaning off your brush or eyeliner tip each day will prevent eye irritations. 

If you use an eyeliner brush, you can use the same method as mentioned above and spray isopropyl alcohol onto the brush, swirling the excess product onto a towel. If the eyeliner has dried onto the brush a bit, wash the tip in the sink with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Swirl the tip onto the palm of your hand or a brush cleaning pad to loosen up the dried product. Let it air dry before putting a cap on the brush if there is one.

If you use an eyeliner pencil, spray isopropyl alcohol onto the tip and let it air dry. If you got eyeshadow on the pencil, simply roll the tip onto a towel to take off the layer of the product.

Eyeliner Pencil Sanitize

Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Lip Anythings

Whenever you are putting a product on your lips, there is a higher chance of contamination, especially if you just ate. If you are really trying to stay sanitary, rinse your mouth with mouthwash and cleanse your lips before applying lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. 

The Deep Clean

You'll have to be the judge on how often to deep clean your makeup depending on how often you use each product. Generally, you should deep clean your makeup every few weeks. Here are some quick and simple ways to clean and sanitize makeup products.


Chances are your mascara's wand could use some sanitizing. Hair, eyeshadow, and debris can get trapped in the bristles and make your mascara application messy.

Take the wand out of the product and spray it thoroughly with your isopropyl alcohol. Using a paper towel, wipe the product off the brush and wand. Repeat the process until you're satisfied.

If your mascara is getting dry, don't hesitate and replace it immediately. Using old mascara is a big no-no for your delicate eye area.

Mascara Wand Clean

Powder palettes

Often overlooked is our eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, and powder palettes.

These methods work for pressed powders only, not loose ones.

Since it's likely you are the only one using your palettes, lightly spraying them with alcohol and letting them air dry works perfectly. 

Do you want an even deeper clean? Spray your powder palette lightly with alcohol, then gently dab away the first layer of each well. Use a damp sanitizing wipe or cotton pad to get any product that has spilled over onto the palette, and clean the outside too!

eyeshadow palette

Lipsticks & Lipglosses

To clean lipsticks, sanitize the tubes with alcohol, and wipe off a layer from the tip of the lipstick.

For lipgloss, spray alcohol onto the applicator and wand before removing the product from the wand and applicator. Repeat if necessary.


Deep clean time is a great time to sanitize your foundation bottles. They can get product all over which transfers to your hands. 

Spray alcohol onto the bottle and wipe away with a towel.

Foundation Bottle Clean 


For eye and lip pencils that can be sharpened, sharpen them often. Make sure you are also cleaning your sharpener. Old toothbrushes work great for getting debris out of your sharpener.

For roll-out eyeliner tips, spray alcohol onto the tip and let it air dry.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we delve into keeping your makeup tools in tip-top shape. 

Happy cleaning!


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