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Article: How to Look Stunning for Your Video Conference Call

How to Look Stunning for Your Video Conference Call

How to Look Stunning for Your Video Conference Call

Do you hate how you look on camera? Are video conference calls your worst nightmare? 

Well, you're not alone. 

Sometimes cameras on laptops and phone devices aren't the most flattering and can accentuate features that you don't want anyone to focus on.

Luckily, there are simple ways you can upgrade your makeup look and set your surroundings to look stunning for your next video call.

Whether you have a meeting on Zoom for work or will be chatting with some friends on Skype, here are our top tips for always looking your best on camera.


Makeup can be your best friend for enhancing natural beauty and hiding unwanted blemishes or discolorations. 

New York makeup artist, Deanna Melluso (@deannamelluso) and Los Angeles actress and influencer Nathalia Castellon (@nattcity) joined us on Instagram Live to share their makeup tips for video calls.

Nathalia started the tutorial by showing us how she uses the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation for a flawless base.

Nathalia Castellon Oxygenetix testimonial

She went on to say, "I read an article with Kourtney Kardashian talking about how she uses her sister's makeup lines but she's obsessed with Oxygenetix. Kourtney's all about health and ingredients so I knew I had to try it."

Nathalia loves using Oxygenating Foundation before video calls stating, "Being at home for these zoom calls, you don't want to have crazy cakey makeup because it's just uncomfortable."

Oxygenating Foundation is buildable, meaning you can achieve light to full coverage as desired. Lightly apply with a sponge for a natural glow, maintaining breathability, and skincare benefits.

Deanna recommends using a lighter shade of your Oxygenating Foundation as a concealer under your eyes. For effortless definition, she demonstrated leaving a fine line under the eye untouched by concealer.

Nathalia showed us another great way to open up our eyes by applying a brown powder, like the one you may use for your brows, on the outer edges of your lower lash line.

Nathalia and Deanna both advised using a bronzer to contour your cheekbones, upper forehead, and under your jawline. You can make a fishy face to find the line from your temples to your cheeks to apply the bronzer. Then, apply blush on your cheeks for a natural sun-kissed look. For even more glow, apply a highlighter to your upper cheekbones. 

makeup application

Adobe Stock by djile

Brows are very important for your overall look. Nathalia starts at the ends of her brows, outlining her preferred shape first with a slanted brush before using stroke motions to fill them in. Make your brows lighter in the middle for a cute modern brow look. Nathalia adds, "Use your foundation and a different flat brush to carve out your brow for more definition. It looks a lot cleaner."

Deanna loves a subtle lip color to really make you pop. Use a light pink or a sheer gloss for a healthy glow.

Finish off your look with lashes. If you are someone who always wears false lashes, this is the time to shine. Otherwise, apply your mascara and you're ready for action. 


Dress to impress (your upper half anyway). If you have a conference call with work colleagues, getting out of your pajamas and into a nice, presentable shirt can make all the difference in how you present yourself. It shows that you care and you mean business. 

video conference

Adobe Stock by sorrapongs


The lighting situation in the room you're in can make all the difference.

In order to avoid casting unflattering shadows on your face, ditch the overhead light, and find lighting to place directly in front of you. If you have a lamp or ring light, place it behind your device for the best lighting.

Another way to create light is on your TV. Go to Youtube or another video streaming site and search for "white screen". Place yourself in front of the tv as close as you need to for optimal light.

video conference ring light

If you have a window with natural light coming through, diffuse it with a transparent curtain or tapestry to soften the light. Avoid direct sunlight as too much light can wash you out completely. 

If you do have light behind you, make sure the light you have chosen in front of you compensates.


Most of us look best straight on. When the angle is too low it can make your chin look larger than it is. On the other end, if the angle is too high your forehead tends to look larger.

In order to get the angle right prop your laptop or phone up with a stack of books or a box. There are also great ring light phone stands available that hold your phone in place and provide lighting.


Before your video conference begins, check the background to make sure you're okay with how it looks. Tidy up any messes and do us a favor and hide your unmentionables!

We hope you find these tips helpful for enhancing the beauty you already have for your next video conference. 


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