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Article: Living In Color: The Blue Base/Yellow Base Color System

Living In Color: The Blue Base/Yellow Base Color System

Living In Color: The Blue Base/Yellow Base Color System

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colors, but absolutely despise others? Or why you look good in that mustard yellow dress, but when your friend puts it on they look awful? This phenomenon is due to color science. A color technology that has changed the way we use color forever, the blue base/ yellow base color system.

By using knowledge of the blue base/ yellow base color system to your advantage you can drastically improve your look, the feel in your home, and even increase sales in business! This is a lab tested and proven theory that has changed lives and increased confidence around the globe.


The blue base/ yellow base color system was founded by Robert Dorr in 1928. He was working in Chicago making theatrical posters when he first discovered that all almost all shades of colors either had a yellow or a blue undertone (with the exception of true orange and true burgundy). When colors with the same base were put together, it was harmonious. However, when a blue base color and a yellow base color were put together it caused discord. Robert went on to study how this color theory translated into skin, eye, and hair color in individuals. He tested hundreds of thousands of people and found that everyone is either yellow or blue based, with naturally harmonious traits. Dorr also found that people are naturally drawn to their particular color spectrum.

Renae Knapp, the mother of Oxygenetix founder Barry Knapp, became intrigued by Robert Dorr’s theory while working as a fashion consultant in Los Angeles, CA. Dorr became Renae’s mentor, and she went on to further his research with Renae Knapp Color Institute. Renae’s son Barry used the scientifically proven blue base/ yellow base color system to choose 14 foundation shades for Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and Acne Control Foundation.


Oxygenetix is proud to provide shades using the blue base/ yellow base color system so everyone can find their perfect match. Both the Oxygenating Foundation and Oxygenating Acne Control Foundation come in 7 blue bases (Pearl, Ivory, Taupe, Walnut, Coco, Ebony, & Mahogany) and 7 yellow base shades (Opal, Creme, Beige, Almond, Honey, Tawny, & Chakra). By deciphering whether you are blue or yellow based you can easily find your foundation color. 

Choosing the right foundation color for your skin will make you look younger and feel more confident!

Analyzing Your Color Spectrum

Use Your Instincts

We were all born with the natural instinct to gravitate towards colors in our spectrum. Take a look at the colors below and notice which row you are drawn to most. There may be colors you like and dislike from each row so try to see it as a whole.

Analyze Natural Tones

Our skin, eyes, and hair tones are all naturally harmonious. When analyzing your spectrum, be sure to take a look at your natural colors, not hair that has been dyed, or a face with makeup on it. You are naturally your spectrum and will continue to be, even when your hair turns grey, or you get freckles (reddish brown freckles are blue-based, golden brown freckles are yellow based).


Blue base undertones produce rosy pink skin tones. The hands will be rose pink. Darker skin will have reddish undertones or a blue cast. Yellow base undertones produce yellow, peachy pink skin tones. Hands will be yellow or golden with peach-pink knuckles. Darker skin will have a definite gold tone.

Surrounding yourself with your colors and living in perfect color harmony will give you peace and confidence. Knowledge of the blue base/ yellow base color system will give you the tools for looking and feeling your best always!

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