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Article: Makeout Proof Your Makeup This Valentine's Day

Makeout Proof Your Makeup This Valentine's Day

Makeout Proof Your Makeup This Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day leave makeup worries at the door with a makeout proof look that won't let you down. Say goodbye to the walk of shame as you face the world the morning after looking just as good as the night before.

Here are our top tips for creating a makeup look that lasts.

Seduce With Sexy Smooth Skin

In the days leading up to your romantic night, exfoliate and hydrate your skin for an irresistibly smooth feel. 

Make sure to exfoliate with a method suitable for your skin type. To find the method and product that works best for you visit our blog Exfoliating for Your Skin Type.

Another game changer for creating smooth skin is having optimal hydration. Apply Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix on your face day and night to replenish any moisture loss and soften the skin. Don't forget to apply underneath your eyes to diminish dark circles and puffy eyes.

Prime Before First Base

Before applying your foundation, prep the skin with a primer. By priming with Hydro-Matrix, your skin will be plumped, creating a smooth surface for an even application.

Apply Foundation That Lasts All Night

Apply transfer resistant Oxygenating Foundation so your man doesn't find makeup on his collar . . . or his pillow later. Known for looking flawlessly natural, Oxygenetix Foundations are beautiful on their own.

American actress and supermodel Cindy Crawford recently told W Mag, "Lately I have been using Oxygenating Foundation by Oxygenetix. I dab it on with my fingers where needed. It doesn’t need to be powdered."

You can contour with a darker shade of Oxygenetix Foundation instead of adding layers of comedogenic powder to your face. Enjoy date night without worrying about your makeup dripping with Oxygenetix sweat-proof and water resistant foundations.

The best part is there is no need to worry if you wake up with your Oxygenetix Foundation still on your face. Oxygenetix topicals allow your skin to breathe while protecting your cells. 

Sex-proof Your Eye Makeup

Unless you're into the smudgy sultry eye look, which has its own seductive appeal, choose eye makeup that is waterproof. There are great options that will stay put until you wash off with warm water and gentle cleanser. 

Kissable Lips

Skip the lipstick and make your lips plump, soft and supple. Nourish your puckers the night before Valentine's Day, especially if you are prone to dry or peeling lips.

Start with a lip exfoliant, usually made with sugars and oils, to help remedy chapped or peeling lips. Apply the exfoliant to your dry lips and gently rub over the surface. After rinsing the exfoliant with water, apply something to lock in moisture and treat your lips all night like Hydro-Matrix, which is safe to be used close to your mouth.

Bring the Basics for the Morning After

Bring the essentials you need to do touch ups the next morning, especially if you end up showering. 

If space is limited, our must haves on the go are:

    1. Oxygenetix Foundation
    2. Hydro-Matrix
    3. Mascara

Have a beautiful night you sexy thing you!


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