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Article: Oxygen For Healing Skin

Oxygen For Healing Skin

Oxygen For Healing Skin

Imagine what would happen if you placed a living plant inside a sealed container with no oxygen flowing in or out. The plant would not survive long term without the necessary oxygen it takes for any living organism to sustain vitality.  

Our skin is the largest organism of the human body and Oxygen plays a major role in the wound recovery process and the dermal’s overall health. 

Oxygen For Wound Recovery

Oxygen breathes new life into our skin, renewing skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin growth, and combating bacteria that can cause infection.

According to David E. Eisenbud, MD (2012), mountain climbers decades ago noted the inability to clear skin infections at high altitudes where the air is less dense and contains fewer oxygen molecules. Deep-sea divers, on the other hand, noted that their wounds healed fastest when they were diving and breathing increased amounts of oxygen. New scientific research emerged and now we know the importance of oxygen for wound recovery. 

Oxygen is delivered to our skin cells primarily through the bloodstream. As we intake oxygen in our lungs it travels throughout our bodies and acts as an “energy source to fuel biochemical reactions and cellular function”. David E. Eisenbud, MD explains that oxygen is a nutrient essential to collagen production. Oxygen also generates reactive oxygen species (ROS) which work to combat wound colonization and infection. To summarize, Oxygen is a critical component of the recovery process.


When developing Oxygenetix, formulator Barry Knapp coined the name Ceravitae® for the Oxygenetix signature ingredient that promotes oxygen uptake to skin cells thus actively promoting skin renewal and supporting skin conditions and wounds. Ceravitae® works synergistically with all-natural ingredients to protect the skin from infection and minimize downtime. This has made Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix favorites in medical offices around the globe. 

Oxygenetix topicals are also breathable, allowing oxygen from the air to flow freely onto the skin. As the skin is allowed to breathe, pores are minimized and cellular function is at it’s prime! 


Oxygen in Wound Healing. David E. Eisenbud, MD, 2012.


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