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Article: Oxygenetix AI Technology: The Shade Finder App Explained

Oxygenetix AI Technology: The Shade Finder App Explained

Oxygenetix AI Technology: The Shade Finder App Explained

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of online commerce has reached an exciting new era. AI technology has impacted the way we shop online, increasing convenience and efficiency for businesses and customers alike. 

2020 has raised an all new awareness to the convenience of the digital world, especially when it comes to the beauty industry. This technology is here to stay as we shy away from potentially unsanitary beauty counters and makeup samples. Now you can try on makeup virtually, get skincare advice, and communicate with beauty bots without leaving your home. 

Oxygenetix offers an exciting new way to get matched with your foundation shade with a Shade Finder App. All you need is a smartphone and a few minutes time to get your perfect match!

Oxygenetix Shade Finder App

Oxygenetix partnered with Mime to create a Shade Finder App that matches you the right Oxygenetix foundation shade for you or a loved one you are shopping for. 

To try it for yourself go to

If you are on your desktop, you will be asked to enter your phone number where you will be sent a link to the site. 

Once you are on the Shade Finder App on your phone you will be led through a series of questions to help calculate your Oxygenetix foundation shade. 

Skin Tone

To help determine your Fitzpatrick, or the lightness or darkness of your skin, you will be asked how often you get sunburned after exposure to the sun.

To hone in on your skin tone even further, you will be asked if you classify your skin as fair, light, medium, tan/olive, dark/rich, or deep. 

The Oxygenetix Shade Finder App takes into account your personal preferences. Whether you like to wear foundation that is true to your skin color, lighter, or darker, it has you covered.

Blue-Base Vs. Yellow-Base

Oxygenetix founders used the scientifically proven Blue-Base/ Yellow-Base Color System when creating the 7 blue based and 7 yellow based shades. This science is based on the fact that everyone either has predominantly blue or yellow undertones in their skin, hair, eyes, etc. Since you are drawn to colors in your spectrum, this question asking about scarf color preference helps to dictate whether you are blue or yellow based. 

Another indicator of being blue or yellow-based is whether peachy or rosy undertones can be found in your skin. You can find these tones most easily on your ears, the waterline of your eyes, your nail beds, the palms of your hands and even your gums. Regardless of your skin tone (the lightness or darkness of your skin) you will be able to find peachy/beige or rosy pinks in those places. 


The Shade Finder App's AI technology takes a look at your natural skin color through a selfie you can upload or take on the spot.

Make sure to take a picture of your natural face without makeup on. Natural lighting works best, with a plain background if possible. A great place to take your selfie is in front of a window in your home facing the outside. 

By combining your answers to the questionnaire with your natural selfie, Mime's beauty bots are able to pinpoint the shade that is best for you. 

Oxygenetix is always looking for new ways to use innovation for a more convenient and positive customer experience. We would love to hear how your experience was with the Shade Finder App!


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