I'm Bicoastal, and These Are the Only Foundations That Stay On in L.A. Heat and NYC Humidity

I'm Bicoastal, and These Are the Only Foundations That Stay On in L.A. Heat and NYC Humidity

Everyone falls into a foundation rut sometimes (see: photos of me with a ghost-white face and tan neck circa 2010—kidding, they’re nowhere to be found). Foundation—the meat and potatoes of any makeup routine—creates an even and uniform complexion, covers blemishes and hyperpigmentation, sometimes acts as a sunscreen or moisturizer, and can even give you a tan (yes for me, please). Foundation has always been my favorite product, even though most people would say I never look like I’m wearing any.

My version of good foundation changes, like all things, with the seasons, but especially in the summer. I’m bi-coastal, meaning I spend about a week or two per month in NYC, and otherwise, I’m home in LA chasing my next cold-pressed juice (I see the cliché here). Being bi-coastal can be a real pain for packing toiletry bags and for home storage. My foundation drawer has grown significantly over the past year as I’ve filed away and collated the best base products for each respective city to a point that would make Extreme Hoarders look like a few amateur collectors.

Then, it occurred to me: why not just find a base that looks flawless in both places?

At this time of the year, everyone should be a little shiny. But for an optimum, sweat and fool-proof look this summer, try any of these tried and tested foundations. Wherever you are, you won’t be disappointed.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation 

I have literally been to a hot yoga class with this foundation on, and I didn’t look sweaty—nothing budged, nor did any of my pores get clogged. Formulated specifically for skin to breathe through makeup, this highly pigmented formula gives amazing coverage you can wear literally anywhere. As an added bonus, it’s also insanely good at covering redness. (You can read a more in-depth review here.)



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