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Article: How to Care for Your Growing Beard in No Shave November

How to Care for Your Growing Beard in No Shave November

How to Care for Your Growing Beard in No Shave November

No Shave November is a celebration for men everywhere to grow out and show off their most robust beards. 

It's important to care for the face underneath the hair in order to grow a beard you are proud of. 

Growing a beard is easy, so taking care of it should be too! Here are our top tips for keeping your beard in tip top shape through No Shave November and beyond.


Shaving your face helps to slough off dead skin cells, so while you are growing a beard you will have to exfoliate another way. A buildup of dead skin cells causes dry skin and flaking. Exfoliating will also help prevent acne and ingrown hairs.

To avoid "beardruff" (dandruff in the beard region) exfoliate the skin under beard 2-3 times a week. If your skin is really sensitive you can decrease this to even once a week. Pay attention to any skin irritation and act accordingly.

Steps for exfoliating your beard:

  1. Cleanse your face and beard with a gentle cleanser. This removes contaminants and any excess products built up in your beard, especially if you've been using beard oils or eating a lot of barbeque. 
  2. Brush your beard. There are a lot of beard combs and brushes on the market. Brush through your beard so it is easier to get to the skin underneath. This can also train your beard growth over time.
  3. Exfoliate in circular motions. Using a face exfoliator you like, use circular motions on the skin under your beard and the skin around the perimeter. 
  4. Hydrate and moisturize. Exfoliating has the potential to strip oils from your skin, which is why it is important not to over do it. To replenish lost moisture and help retain natural hydration, apply Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix right after you exfoliate. 



Keeping your beard and the skin underneath hydrated is vital. There are many things that can dry out your beard and create beard itch.

How You Can Get Dry Skin

If you prefer to take hot showers, excessive heat may be stripping your skin's natural oils, making your skin dry and prone to flaking.

Hot weather and cold weather both affect the skin. Weather that is hot can cause irritation from sweat under your beard, and so can bundling up in the cold. Sweating profusely and then wiping it off strips your skin's natural lubricants and makes your skin dry. Cold winter air is also dry and the natural oils in your beard can be removed, causing your skin to produce more oils which are then stripped away again. This cycle creates dryness.

If you don't protect your skin's natural barrier with a hydrating topical, your skin is much more susceptible to the elements and becoming irritated. 

Best Ways to Moisturize

Hydrate the skin on your entire face and under your beard using Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix. With an aloe vera base and powerful hydrating ingredients, this moisturizer heals and protects your skin. A men's favorite for being non-greasy and fragrance free, Hydro-Matrix also comes in an Acne Control Formula to combat breakouts.

You can moisturize your beard hairs by using a beard oil with jojoba or argan oil. Pay attention to the ingredient list and avoid irritating ingredients such as fragrances or harsh essential oils.


Clean beards not only look and smell better, they feel better. If you're using beard oils and other products they can build up over time, causing irritation. Plus, you'll want to get all those environmental pollutants, dust, and microparticles off your man mane on a regular basis anyway.

Beard Wash

Cleanse your beard daily, but choose cleansers that don't strip your skin. Some shampoos can actually be bad to use on your face, as they can overly dry your skin. Use a gentle face cleanser for your beard instead.

If you are experiencing dry skin after cleansing your beard, try washing using gentle conditioner instead, using a soap cleanser or shampoo less often. 


Your beard may feel like it provides protection from the sun, but those pesky sunrays can still penetrate and give you a pretty uncomfortable hidden sunburn. 

Wearing sunscreen should always be part of your daily skincare routine. Ultraviolet radiation causes the most damage to the skin, and is the number one cause of premature aging.

So, when applying your facial sunblock, apply it under your beard too. 


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