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Article: Must Know Makeup Tips for Your Holiday Photoshoot 2020

Must Know Makeup Tips for Your Holiday Photoshoot 2020

Must Know Makeup Tips for Your Holiday Photoshoot 2020

Holiday photoshoots mark the beginning of a season dedicated to family time, great food, gift giving, and spreading good cheer. Although the holidays may look different this year with less in person gatherings, there are still plenty of reasons to look your best this season!

Scheduling family photos takes organization and planning. You've chosen the photographer, location, and outfits, but how much time do you spend thinking about your makeup? 

Whether you're taking your yearly photos with the family, or setting up an intimate photoshoot with your family pets, we have the tips to help you enhance your natural beauty and look stunning on camera. 


Of course, your photographer can work some magic editing imperfections with photoshop, but the more even your skin texture and tone, the more natural you will look on camera. 

If you haven't already, adopt a skincare routine tailored for your skin type. Daily skincare maintenance makes all the difference for healthy, vibrant skin.

In the days leading up to your holiday photos, exfoliate your skin and use a face mask to purify your pores. More importantly, moisturize every day and each night before bed.

Cold weather has pretty much set in this time of year, which means runny noses, and dry skin. On top of that, wearing masks to protect us from COVID-19 has caused even more dryness and skin rashes. To protect your skin from flaking and irritation, use Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix.

Hydro-Matrix will gift your skin with ultimate hydration. Many moisturizers contain irritating fragrances and chemicals that sting and make the situation worse over time. Oxygenetix formulates with natural, medical-grade ingredients designed for extremely sensitive skin. 


Have your lips become dry and cracked this season? Just like your skin, your puckers need daily hydration. Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix is safe to use on your lips and can be reapplied throughout the day and evening. You can also use a high quality moisturizing lip balm throughout the day. 

If you have flaky lips the day of or night before taking photos, use a sugar lip scrub to gently exfoliate the delicate skin.

When you're getting ready for your photoshoot, apply Hydro-Matrix over your lips, allowing it to set before your lipstick or gloss. The non-greasy formula won't affect the staying power of your lip color, but will plump your lips and create a smooth base.


For a natural foundation application that looks flawless in holiday pictures and up close selfies, use Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. Here's why.

Oxygenetix Foundations provide sheer to full coverage without the cakiness. Wearing layers upon layers of traditional foundations and powders will age you not only physically but visually as well. With Oxygenetix just use a tapping motion when applying for a matte satin finish, no need for powder. A foundation brush works really well to achieve an even application. Allow the foundation to set completely in between layers for more coverage and you will see there is no need for additional products.

Powder gives the illusion of even skin but it gets into your creases and fine lines, making you look older. Think of a child or young adult that has healthy supple skin. Why would you want to dust the natural radiance of your skin with powder? If you have oily skin, using Oxygenetix over time will help your sebum regulate normally. In fact, it could be the overuse of powder causing your skin to overproduce oil.


Oxygenetix Foundations photograph extremely well. One reason is because they contain Titanium Dioxide as opposed to Zinc which tends to create a white cast in photos. Without the white flashback your skin will look natural, as if you aren't wearing anything at all.

If you're worried about your foundation getting on your nice holiday clothes, have no fear. Oxygenetix is transfer resistant staying on your face without ruining expensive clothing.


Contouring is a great technique for defining your features. It can be easy to overdo it with bronzers and highlighters. For a natural contour, use 2 Oxygenetix foundation shades. Your contour shade should be about 2 shades darker than your usual foundation color. 

Apply your contour first, before your all over foundation. This way it blends seamlessly onto your skin.


Brightening your eyes will help you look healthy and radiant in photos. 

Dark circles can be easily concealed with Oxygenating Foundation. Tap foundation under your eyes with your ring finger or a small brush. Allow the foundation to set for 60 seconds in between layers if you desire more coverage.

You can brighten your eyes with a light colored shimmer. Apply the lightest eyeshadow on your inner eyelid and just above your iris. Avoid applying this color on your entire eye area. For more definition you can apply a darker shade to your outer eyelid.

BONUS TIP: Take Care of Your Hands

Often times in photoshoots your hands will be shown. You may be asked to have your hands on your lap, or take an intimate holding hands photo with your loved one. Bring Oxygenetix Hydro-Matrix with you to the photoshoot and have everyone apply it to their hands before pictures are taken. This way, if you have dry hands or simply want a more youthful appearance, you are taken care of. The Hyaluronic Acid in Hydro-Matrix will attract moisture to your skin throughout the shoot. 


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