Be Razor Sharp Without the Razor Burn

Be Razor Sharp Without the Razor Burn

Male or female, we can all relate to the harsh reality of razor burns. Whether you are getting ready for that dream job interview or planning for a weekend at the beach, there is never a good time to get a razor burn.


Sharing similar symptoms, razor burn and razor bumps cause skin tenderness, inflammation, itchiness, and rash-like redness. A razor burn can be felt directly after a shave and the discomfort is usually temporary, unlike razor bumps that can last for several days depending on severity. 

Razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) also known as ingrown hairs are the result of shaved hairs looping inside the skin instead of working their way out. Razor bumps are more common with curly coarse hair, predominantly with men shaving facial hair. Word of caution: If ingrown hair condition worsens or appears to be infected, seek a physician.


Shaving against the direction of hair growth is a leading cause of both razor burn and razor bumps. Avoid shaving too quickly or in the same area multiple times in one session. Those with sensitive skin should avoid daily shaving by shaving every other day to minimize irritation.

Always shave with a clean razor along with a good lubricant such as soap and water or shaving cream. An aloe vera based hydrator, moisturizer or lotion is an effective lubricant alternative. 


Treat and soothe your razor burn with care. Give your skin a break from shaving until healed. After shaving use a pro-healing hydrator to achieve that long-lasting healthy glow. Aloe vera based topicals are ideal due to their soothing, cooling, and calming properties. 

As we age, our natural moisture production slows down, making it crucial to use products that replenish our skin. Oxygenating Hydro Matrix is an all-natural, aloe vera based hydrator. Along with PCA and HLA, Hydro Matrix contains a powerful collaboration of pro-healing ingredients that replenish moisture loss back into the skin, leaving your skin razor-sharp without the razor burn. 

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